Spin Master Pop Stream and Zoomer Chomplingz Review

Pop Stream  Spin Master came out with a great new game for movie lovers – it’s played with both a game board and a tablet. I love this game! It’s an awesome party game full of movie trivia.  Normally, at family get-togethers after meals, everyone sits […]

Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway!

It’s that time of the year again! Some of our favorite products have made it into our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and we want you to check them out! Also, make sure you enter a giveaway for a few of these awesome products at the […]

Dairy Free Turkey Pot Pie

Do you have turkey overflowing your freezer from Thanksgiving like I do? Now that Thanksgiving is well over I was more than eager to get all the turkey out of my freezer. The only problem is that since my breastfed daughter is allergic to dairy, […]

Tiny Love Baby Toys

Having the best toys for your baby to engage in is an absolute must, especially when they are just starting to learn the world around them. Tiny Love is definitely one of our favorite brands to bring home the best interactive toys for your littlest […]

Boing Boing Bounce Birthdays

In Corpus Christi there aren’t a ton of awesome party venues for a preschooler, which is why I was super excited to find Boing Boing Bounce did birthdays! Nothing is worse than all the time it takes to plan a party, decorate, cook (ugh!), then […]

Kidstir Review!

I recently had the opportunity to review a subscription box from Kidstir. Personally, I love to cook. I also love to teach my children, so this box was a win-win for my family. Contents: The first thing I noticed about the box upon opening it […]

Nursing Hoodie Review and Giveaway from Momzelle!

Nursing Hoodie Review and Giveaway from Momzelle!

As a busy, nursing mother, the ease at which I am able to feed my daughter while on the go with my 4-year-old is incredibly important. I know it doesn’t sound like it makes a big difference, but a good nursing top really is a […]

Spangler Science Club Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a product unlike any I’ve seen before. Steve Spangler and his award-winning team of science educators have developed a subscription box that truly challenges the mind. We received two boxes from Spangler Science club so this review will […]

Bitsbox Review!

We live in a digital age my friends! When I was in elementary school, computer science involved typing and Oregon Trail…whomp whomp whomp. Now kids are getting tech scholarships in high school as much as athletic scholarships. As parents, how do we help our children […]

Boppy Baby Chair Review and Giveaway

Everyone knows about the AMAZING Boppy pillow… from nursing to tummy time you have used one! Well, Boppy did it again! The Boppy Baby Chair is yet another baby item from Boppy that is a total must have! It truly is an all in one […]