DIY for Kids

Birdseed Ornaments!

With Autumn approaching and the south Texas heat slacking off, my family finally has time to reconnect with nature a bit. One way we like to do this is by making home-made birdseed ornaments. Not only are they super cute fall decor for your yard, […]

The Best Homemade Play Dough Recipe!

Play dough is a wonder toy. I have never met a kid that didn’t like digging into the gooey, gushy goodness. Parents love it because it just screams creativity and fosters the imagination. The possibilities of play dough are endless. Pretend cooking? Check. House and […]

Toddler Valentines day activities round-up

As a mom to a three year old, I am ALWAYS searching for new ways to incorporate the holidays into activities and crafts. We have probably made something for the grandparents for every holiday since I could paint his hand and press it against something! […]

DIY Simple Jewelry Gift Box

DIY Simple Jewelry Gift Box

For my daughter’s 3 year birthday, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and make some beautiful jewelry. She’s obsessed with mine and always asks to borrow a necklace on Sundays when we head to church. So we made her some special jewelry of […]

10 Exciting Sensory Bins for Children

10 Exciting Sensory Bins for Children

Sensory bins are an incredible tool that you can use to teach & entertain your children. I love creating a new sensory bin every month or so and will often base them off of a theme or topic. I love making sensory bins that are […]

Ruby Lou Doll Pattern Review

When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I was really hoping for a boy. Growing up, I was never really super girly. I didn’t have a lot of toys, let alone dolls and I certainly didn’t play dress-up. I still don’t even […]

Beach in a Bottle

Wishing you could head to the beach this summer? I know I sure am. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing the beach any time soon. That’s why we found a small way to bring the beach to us. This week we learned all about beaches and […]

Easy Up-cycled Tee to Girl’s Night Shirt

I know everyone is excited that it is getting warmer. I love summer. I even love the heat!!! However, summer nights can be miserable. A little less than a week ago I was putting my daughter, Lanae to bed and realized that she was sweating […]

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities

Happy Earth Day!!  We all know how important it is to take care of our environment not just for us but for our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren.  The phrase “earth day everyday” is such a great reminder that we have to instill a […]

Lucky Penny St Paddy’s Day Craft

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE when their art projects suddenly become a yearly holiday decoration, they get such a sense of pride seeing their art displayed year after year.  So with that in mind, we made this cute St Patrick’s Day […]