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How to get the most out of MommyCon Chicago!

How to get the most out of MommyCon Chicago!

Are you attending MommyCon this year? Thinking about it but not quite sure yet? Well. We are. We will be attending MommyCon Chicago (March 2-4) and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED! Why? Well, because MommyCon is the most amazing parenting convention there is! This year […]

Getting “Me Time” at Home

Getting “Me Time” at Home

This post isn’t going to have super cute pictures, teach you a new recipe or talk about your kids. This is about YOU. I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over about how important it is to take care of yourself getting “me time”… maybe […]

Mommycon Chicago 2017

Mommycon Chicago 2017 March 3-5 As a mom, there is something super special about finding moms who connect over the same interests as you… and of course ALL moms have one interest in common… their kids! Mommycon is an event that is quite possibly my […]

5 Unique ways to donate this year

5 Unique ways to donate this year

  I am trying to get into the holiday season this year by teaching my kids (especially my five year old) a little more about giving rather than getting. While that happens to be an extraordinarily difficult concept for my preschooler to grasp, together we […]

5 budget friendly beauty tips

As a mom, I hardly ever put myself first. Let’s face it… our own faces come after clothes, toys, activities, blah blah blah for our kids. It’s hard to convince ourselves we deserve some spoiling… but let me tell ya, we do! In order to […]

Organizing your preschooler’s space

If you have a toddler or preschooler you know exactly how overwhelming all of their toys, books, JUNK can be! Organizing their space is definitely a task. I was finding myself frustrated entirely too often with too much stuff and no real solutions as to […]

Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Rock n’ Roll Dad

Does the Dad in your life rock!?  Show him that you think he does with some of the gift suggestions for the Rock n’ Roll Dad! Bluetooth Splash Speaker – $70 This portable Bluetooth speaker is water resistant perfect for the beach or pool.  […]

Time Lapse Baby; Bump To Buzz

What better way to start off our new Parenting Pop Culture page on Mom & Pop Culture than with YouTube…the mecca of current pop culture?  Anyone who’s not been under a rock for the last, oh, decade or so has wasted hours upon hours (or […]