Valentine’s Cupid Dog Lego Review

Valentine’s Cupid Dog Lego Review Does your little Valentine love Legos? If he or she is anything like my little guy, he is obsessed with Legos! He loves building anything and everything and taking it apart, just to start all over again.  Well, look no […]

Easy Diy Santa Painting

Easy Diy Santa Painting

Do you search Pinterest for holiday decorations all year-long but never make them? Do you see the cutest paintings but have no clue how to paint them? I’m going to teach you how to make the cutest, yet incredibly easy diy Santa painting. If you […]

Spin Master Pop Stream and Zoomer Chomplingz Review

Pop Stream  Spin Master came out with a great new game for movie lovers – it’s played with both a game board and a tablet. I love this game! It’s an awesome party game full of movie trivia.  Normally, at family get-togethers after meals, everyone sits […]

No Bake Holiday Oreo Truffle Recipe

No Bake Holiday Oreo Truffle Recipe

So everyone knows that type of person who starts freezing Christmas cookie dough in the fall so that come the holidays, they’re totally ready to just whip up some fast treats with no problem.  That’s not how we roll in my house though.  Every holiday […]

Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway!

It’s that time of the year again! Some of our favorite products have made it into our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and we want you to check them out! Also, make sure you enter a giveaway for a few of these awesome products at the […]

Adorable Wooden Spoon Snowmen

If you’re anything like me, it’s December 12 and Christmas break is coming up at school, and you think “what am I going to give my kids teachers this year?”. I have an easy, cute, and inexpensive idea that your kids teachers will love! I’m […]

Dairy Free Turkey Pot Pie

Do you have turkey overflowing your freezer from Thanksgiving like I do? Now that Thanksgiving is well over I was more than eager to get all the turkey out of my freezer. The only problem is that since my breastfed daughter is allergic to dairy, […]

Pumpkin Decorating Round-up

  I am kinda a last-minute pumpkin carving kinda gal. I hate rotting pumpkins, I want to have roasted pumpkin seeds as close to Halloween as possible (check out my recipe HERE!) and I’m just the kind of person that procrastinates everything. So, here we […]

Learn to cut pumpkin craft

Learn to cut pumpkin craft

It was recently brought to my attention that three year old’s should be learning to cut paper. WHAT?! Scissors in the hands of my little trouble maker?! This thought may have been slightly terrifying but regardless, I dragged his little butt over to the craft […]

Toddler Valentines day activities round-up

As a mom to a three year old, I am ALWAYS searching for new ways to incorporate the holidays into activities and crafts. We have probably made something for the grandparents for every holiday since I could paint his hand and press it against something! […]