3 Tips for first time preschool drop off

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3 Tips for First Time Preschool Drop Off

3 Easy ways to make preschool drop off that much easier

I’m a mom to two children. My oldest just started first grade, and my youngest is just starting preschool. My 1st grader went to three years of preschool; I’ve been through the “first day” drop off a few times. There are few really simple easy to make first day drop off a breeze.

1. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)…. this is not meant to be mean. Keep it simple. A quick kiss, say “I love you” remind them you’ll be there soon to pick them up, and then off they go. The longer you spend saying good bye, the harder it will be on them.

2. Make sure you know where they need to go, and make sure you discuss it before hand. If you’re not sure, call the school ahead of time to discuss where you should take your child upon drop off and then have a quick discussion with your child about it before you get to the school. Try not to stress; Preschoolers are smart, they’ll pick up on any anxiety you’re feeling… try to avoid projecting your anxiety on to them.

3. Do not linger… this can be especially hard on you. I repeat, DO. NOT. LINGER. Kids are like animals, they can sense your presence (not sure if they do this telepathically, or by scent) but I swear, they KNOW you’re still at the school. Just leave. I promise, if something isn’t right, the school will call you. More times than not, even if your preschooler is crying when you first leave, within 3 minutes, they’re playing happily and forgot the reason that they were upset to begin with.

I know this can be an emotional time for moms (and some dads, too). But this is such an exciting thing for your preschoolers, yet it’s a little stressful for them, too! They’re growing up and learning all kinds of new things, so naturally, it’s hard for us as parents to let go a little. Following this advice will help you feel more calm and comfortable upon drop off, though, and that will make the process so much easier.


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