Update Your Bathroom for Under $100

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Update Your Builder Grade Bathroom in one Weekend!


DIY Bathroom Makeover for Under $100

How many other people search Pinterest day after day on all these amazing “DIY bathroom updates” or the “how to update your bathroom in just one weekend” and think, “there is NO way I can do that?” Well guess what? I was the same way; Except, I did update my bathroom in one weekend. And I spent less than $100 doing it, too!

We purchased our house in 2015, knowing it needed a lot of work.  I watch too much HGTV and thought “we can do this” except, after almost 3 years in the house, I’m starting to realize that my husband and I might not be the next Chip and Jo if you know what I mean…. those two never fight and I swear, when we’re doing DIY projects it’s a lot of yelling…. Ok, that’s a little off topic. But anyways, I knew my house needed a lot of updating.  Starting with the kitchen and bathrooms – aren’t those the two big selling features of a house?

So my bathroom has 1980’s oak cabinets (and they don’t even look nice, they’re beat up and need some work), a plastic shower tub combo, no back splash, and vinyl peel n stick tile.  I have a budget of about $125 and know I can’t do everything. So I’ve decided to hit up the easiest things first. I’ll paint the walls, add a backsplash, and paint the cabinets.  I used a peel n stick glass tile backsplash that I bought from Menard’s – you can find something very similar HERE (I bought mine on clearance and can’t find a link to the exact ones I purchased, though I think these are almost identical).

The first thing I did was put up the back splash.  It’s was so easy, since it was peel and stick tile.  The worst part, was, for us, that we needed to cut some of the tiles as they fit together. We bought a cheap, hand held tile cutter, and got to work.  It isn’t perfect, but if you’re not pushing your face to it, you’ll never notice. Having a backsplash and not bare walls really gives the older medicine cabinet I have, an much more updated look.

The next thing I did, was paint the cabinets.  I used Rustoleum’s Chalked Paint, which you can find HERE. This was so easy to use.

The first step was to take the doors off the cabinets, sand them down, sand the doors down, and get to work.  Make sure the edges were all even, and make sure that any cracks were filled with wood glue.

Next, wipe down and dry the freshly sanded wood.  Then start painting.  It took two coats of the Rustoleum Chalked Paint, and then two of the clear top coat.  I don’t know if that’s exactly how much is needed, but it covered it well and did a great job. This paint didn’t have nearly as harsh fumes as the paint I used on the walls did.  It looks like I got brand new cabinets, not like I did an overnight update with paint! Everyone who sees them is very impressed!

The last step I took to update my bathroom in a single weekend was to paint the walls.  I painted them a dark gray – I used cheap, paint that I picked up from Walmart for about $16 a gallon.  I made sure to choose the color, a modern, dark gray; And decided to go with a satin finish since it’s for the bathroom.

All in all, I spent under one hundred dollars and really updated the look of my bathroom.  I know you can do this, too, and you’ll be so happy you did! So, go to the hardware store, get your supplies to update, and give your bathroom a makeover for less than one hundred bucks!

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