How to get the most out of MommyCon Chicago!

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Are you attending MommyCon this year? Thinking about it but not quite sure yet?

Well. We are. We will be attending MommyCon Chicago (March 2-4) and we are SO FREAKING EXCITED! Why? Well, because MommyCon is the most amazing parenting convention there is! This year they are even incorporating sessions for Dad’s! From shopping to parenting sessions to learning everything babywearing and so. much. more. MommyCon focuses on natural parenting with incredible speakers and companies to help you with anything you could possibly need. This year, on Friday, they even have a sip and shop option! Who doesn’t want to have a glass of wine while enjoying shopping with their best mom friends?! I can’t think of a single mom who wouldn’t.

So, from having attended MommyCon for two years previously, I’ve put together some pointers that I think will help you get the most of your experience. If you’re anything like me, you don’t want to miss out!


Decide which tickets fit you best. Are you traveling from out of town? Can you fit everything you want to do in one day? Three day passes are AMAZING but if you do that I suggest getting a hotel room so you can come and go throughout the day. Here are all of your options and pricing!

Who are you taking with you? Your best girl friends? Your husband? Kids? An older child is not going to have a ton of fun. We leave our 6 year old with a grandparent to have a special day. You can totally bring them, but I think you will enjoy it more if you don’t. If you DO bring your munchkins, (we will have our 2 year old and 1 year old!) babywear! You will see so many parents with their littles on their back and it makes it so much easier to navigate crowds than with a bulky stroller. The bigger sessions are AWESOME about having toys in the back of the rooms for your kiddos to stay occupied. I am personally planning on meeting up with my friends this year but also bringing my hubby so he can check out the daddy sessions!

Make a game plan! There are so many awesome sessions as well as vendors. Decide which vendors you want to get to first as soon as the doors open (many have exclusives that will sell out quickly!). You can find a list of vendors HERE. Then decide which sessions you want to attend. Don’t worry about shopping more! There will be session breaks for lunch and more. When it comes to the sessions, there is something for EVERYONE. Seriously. I promise. From talking about vaginal health, wrapping, cloth diapering and sleep help there will be something for you. As mentioned, there are even Daddy classes this year! You need to take advantage of these!



When not in a session, make sure you check out every vendors booth! Even (especially) ones you think you may not be super interested in. It’s amazing what you will learn! You may find the product you never knew you couldn’t live without! Plus, most vendors will have giveaways that you don’t want to miss out on!


Finally, HAVE A TON OF FUN. MommyCon is absolutely one of the things I look forward to the most every year. My husband even gets excited for me. It’s the best! I hope we get to see you there!!

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