Easy Hand Print Christmas Tree

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Need an easy, sentimental last minute Christmas gift? This hand print Christmas tree canvas is sure to melt every grandparent’s heart or be a great keepsake for your own home.

It’s really so incredibly easy. I previously made these for each of my kids individually with just their hands (which came out much less messy if I do say so!) but did it on blank canvas. This time I painted the back red and it came out SO much better! First, throw some red paint on a canvas. Cover the entire canvas, and if you want it to look even nicer you can throw tiny amounts of white paint on it to give it more of a textured look. Make sure the paint lines are all in the same direction.

Once the paint dries, take the oldest kid’s hands and do 3 hand prints in green paint across the bottom. Your kiddos will love this part! If you only have one munchkin, just keep doing each layer with their hands. I did 3 hand prints in a row with my middle child then used my youngest for two on top of those and one hand print on the very top. I then wait for the paint to dry to avoid smearing and then throw a yellow star on top and some brown on the bottom for a trunk.

So easy! And it comes out absolutely adorable. I add names to the hand prints in permanent marker then throw the year on the bottom corner. Enjoy!



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