Holiday Cards go from drab to fab!

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Change up the way you address your

 Holiday Cards 

Have you ever gotten a holiday card in the mail that was just written in a way that made you feel inferior? Almost like the person sending it to you took a calligraphy course or something on how to address holiday cards? I get them year after year. Every year I think “yea, this year, I’m going to make mine look good, too….” and every year, I toss my chicken scratch on the cards and pray the post office can make sense of what I write. Well, this year, I finally did it. And it was SO EASY! I addressed my holiday cards, they look fantastic, and I’m going to share with you just how easy it is, and how adorable they turned out.

I did three different kinds (mostly because I’m hoping to give you options) and also because I get bored quick.

So, you’ll need envelopes, different color pens (personally, I like felt tip) but use whatever suits your fancy.

It doesn’t take much to address your holiday cards – just a tiny bit of effort and it will make huge impact.

The first option is probably the most simple.
What you do is use a green pen or marker to draw large parenthesis about two inches apart.
Then you draw little, tiny, hearts/leaves on the sides of each parenthesis. I like to do about 5 on each side.
In the middle of the parenthesis you use a different color – I used red for the holiday theme, to put the name and address of the person you are sending the card to.
And poof! You have addressed a holiday card and it looks great. Now you’ll be the one impressing your family and friends left and right.

The second option is a little more tricky – at least for me.
For this one, you’ll use one color ink, and write the word “the” at the top much larger than the rest of the information. Use long, curvy lines to cross the “t” and draw out the end of the “e” in the word “the”.
Underneath the word “the”, put the last name and the word family of whom you’re sending the card to. For example it might read “the Smith family.”
And then put their address underneath their last name and so on.
The hardest part of this one for me, was trying to make the curvy lines look even enough and not all over the place.

Option three is my favorite option.

For this option, you’ll write the last name of the family you are sending cards to very large – but add curvy lines to the beginning of the first letter and the end of the last letter of their last name.  I only used one color for this option, as well, though you could certainly do two colors. I picked blue, just to change it up a little.
Then add a few little dots for extra design, and write “the” and “family” at the beginning and end of their last name.
Underneath that, write the address of the family you are sending the card to.

See? Easy and adorable. You now know three ways to address your holiday cards that will really impress your family and friends! And, no calligraphy class needed!

Happy Holidays!

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