Stuck on You Review

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Do you have a kid that you send to daycare? Camp? School? Anywhere other than home? Of course you do, we all do. Whenever you send your kid anywhere of course you label their stuff in hopes that it comes back to you. What if there was a cute, stylish way to label EVERYTHING? Thanks to Stuck on You, there is! This brand was created by a mom who had kids and knew she needed to label everything. She decided not only that labeling things with the correct kids’ name would make her life more manageable but that she could even put familiar icons on items that belonged to children too young to recognize their own name. What a genius idea!

From personalized lunch boxes, to simple labels to clothes, Stuck on you has it all. We decided to review their towel in the spirit of summer including trips to splash pads and water parks. I got the towel for my littlest guy to grow into and man, does he have room to grow.


I was completely shocked as soon as it arrived. I have never owned such a soft, fluffy, comfortable towel in my entire life! Not only was it the softest thing I have ever felt but it was also oversized. I did not expect this in a children’s labeled towel! I fully expected a small, thin kids towel with the name embroidered. I will say this is definitely high quality and I can only imagine all their other products are the same.

As I mentioned, we got this simply for trips to the splash pad and water park. Once we started using it, I immediately knew I needed it for my other two kids. Not only do they want big comfy towels like their little brother, but it would be awesome to have all their towels with their names on them lined up and ready to go on these family outings. They get to label their bench or chair with their towel with their name and there is no mistaking which spot is theirs. I love that these are a great choice for all my kids- from 6 months to nearly 6 years. To be completely honest, it is big enough and comfy enough to fit everyone in the family whether it is a picky 16 yr old girl who needs to bring it to swim lessons or your husband who brings his favorite towel to the gym and doesn’t want to lose it.

Seriously. Lets go back to the comfort. How cozy does this look as hes’s drying off from splashing for his first time?!


Don’t forget that they have a HUGE selection of personalized items and towels are only one. You can get almost anything personalized from this company like bags and lunch boxes for the upcoming school year. If they don’t have what you are looking for, there is always the option to order their personalized labels or tags! Seriously, you do not want to miss out. Check out all their options HERE. What will you get personalized from Stuck on you?



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