Tranquilo Mat Review and Giveaway

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When it comes to having a baby, there are SO many products on the market designed to help cuddle, sooth, relax your baby. Why is that? That is because the “fourth trimester”, or the first three months of your baby’s life, they are adjusting to being outside of the womb. Tranquilo Mat is one of these amazing products that can definitely make that transition a little bit easier for your little one!

How do they do it!?

Tranquilo Mat is (obviously) a mat that both mimics the sounds and motions of the womb by vibration and sounds of a mother’s heartbeat. The convenient and unique feature of this mat is that it is completely portable! Most infant soothing devices either plug in or are too big and bulky to take on the go. The Tranquilo Mat actually comes in two sizes, is battery operated and is perfect for the crib but also in the car, in a stroller, anywhere your baby goes! While it is a little bulky, it is totally worth it to bring along for a fussy baby and conveniently rolls up into a bag!


While I didn’t get the opportunity to use this mat within the first 3 months, I DID get to use it during the 4 month sleep regression. Let me tell ya, that one is a doozy! Nothing prepares you for the lack of sleep when your itty bitty who JUST started letting you get some more sleep flips like a switch and is up every 2 hours (or in our case, every 30 min) again. I was so relieved that the Tranquilo Mat was there to help us through that very exhausting, dark time! My little absolutely loved using it when he was extra cranky and needed that little push back to sleep! It was awesome that this wasn’t a product that was short lived in use and is something that you can use whenever your infant needs soothing, not just within the first few months. We are almost 6 months now and still love this product! In fact, before taking this photo, he was screaming inconsolably (thank you teething!) but started giggling as soon as I turned it on.

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I mentioned that it is conveniently portable, but if this isn’t your first kiddo, you know that kids are MESSY. I’m on my third (yes, send help!) and I have learned not to buy anything that is not easily cleaned. From blow out diapers to spit up to pretty much anything you can think of your kid WILL find a way to get something messy no matter how young they are. The Tranquilo Mat totally delivers with their washable cover and the mat itself is easily wiped down and water (read: pee) resistant! What a life saver.

Love this product? Want one? Buy it HERE. They even have free shipping within the US!

Want to win one?!

Enter below! They were kind enough to give us the opportunity to give one to a lucky reader, so make sure you enter below for yourself or a friend!

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