Precious Moments Care Bears Review

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Precious Moments Care Bears Review



Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid who grew up watching Care Bears? Well, I am.  I think my little brother and I perfected the “Care Bear Stare” and we absolutely adored the Care Bears.  Precious Moments launched a line of Care Bear figurines that are absolutely precious (see what I did there?).


These figurines would make great teacher gifts (it is almost the end of the school year) or would look cute on a shelf in a nursery! The Precious Moments Care Bear figurines feature cute little messages perfect for young children – or even perfect for teachers! Something like “full of cheer” could be a wonderful way of thanking your child’s teacher for always having a positive, cheerful attitude when you know your child is sometimes slightly difficult to deal with… Or, “Sharing is Caring” could be a great figurine to give your son or daughter after he/she exemplifies great sharing behavior with friends or siblings.  Find the “Follow Your Heart” figurine HERE.


Recently, my daughter had a great day at daycare with sharing.  She was so good with sharing her toys that she brought from home to school, that I decided to give her the “Sharing is Caring” Precious Moments Care Bear figurine.  I made it a big deal to tell her she was getting a special present for being such a good share-er at school that day.  I explained that sharing her toys not only made me proud, but also made both her and her friends at school much happier. She loves her Care Bear figurine and points to it in her room and tells everyone that she got it because she knows how to share her toys.  Find the “Sharing is Caring” figurine HERE.

I have always loved both Precious Moments and Care Bears, so these are such a great fit for someone like me.  While I don’t like to overdo it on the knickknacks, having some personal touches around the home is also important to me.  These Care Bear figurines are adorable, affordable, and available now on Precious Moment’s website.  You can find them HERE.



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