MAM Double Sided Anti Colic Bottles

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MAM is one of my favorite brands… mainly because they are the ONLY pacifier my middle child would take and I could always count on being able to find her adorable designs… even festive ones for the holidays! Now, MAM came out with this double sided, super amazing anti colic bottle that we absolutely adore.  These bottles come just as adorable as their pacifiers and are insanely innovative. As a mom to now 3, I don’t have the time to mess around with a million pieces nor do I have the space for a separate device to sanitize bottles in. Last thing I need is to be leaning over the stove boiling water while my kids are running around either. MAM’s new anti colic bottle SANITIZES ITSELF. I am not even kidding. You pour some water in the bottom, throw the nipple in there, put the lid over the top and microwave it. THAT IS IT. No steamer bags, no sanitizing device, no boiling water on the stove. Just throw the bottle in the microwave. This alone has me sold on this thing!

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Now, let’s talk about gassy babies. My breast fed little guy gets insanely gassy with every bottle and he is quite the picky one when it comes to what bottles he will take. Amazingly, he was NOT miserable with this one. He took it without any issues (YAY!) and was not a screaming wreck afterwards! I may have found a favorite. The base is vented making it so that your little gets less air, making for a happier baby all around.


Look at that! He loves it!

You can buy yours at Target (and let’s be honest, you were planning on going there anyway) both in store and online. As it should be, MAM anti colic bottles are BPA, BPS, PVC, and lead free so you can feel good about giving them to your precious munchkin. I love to hand wash my bottles when I have time… but really… who does? If you don’t (and I usually don’t), these babies are dishwasher safe so go ahead and just throw them in with everything else. So, go try them out and I hope you love them as much as our family does!

 Want to know the best part? We are going to give you the chance to win one for youself! Thanks to MAM, we are giving away a $30 bundle of MAM products including this bundle! Go! Enter! You don’t want to miss this!

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