Mommycon Chicago 2017

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Mommycon Chicago 2017

March 3-5

As a mom, there is something super special about finding moms who connect over the same interests as you… and of course ALL moms have one interest in common… their kids! Mommycon is an event that is quite possibly my FAVORITE event of the year for several reasons, one of the main ones being to meet other moms that love the same baby products as I do and of course bonding with my mom friends over workshops and listening to speakers. Mommycon Chicago 2017 is going to be amazing and we at Mom and Pop Culture cannot wait!

Mommycon is a 3 day event (although you can always purchase a one day ticket!) where moms can come with their family, alone or as I prefer with my friends to relax, learn and shop. This year Mommycon is combining with WEAR so you not only get the natural and organic convention you love of Mommycon but this time you also get the babywearing aspect of WEAR too! Topics will include infant health and nutrition, babywearing, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, etc. Even if one topic isn’t for you that is ok, we are all different! With over 30,000 sqft of exhibitor space for you to shop and try new products you are going to be in heaven, not to mention there will be over 3 dozen educational workshops and seminars. There will even be infant sleep educators… and who can’t use that? Seriously. This is amazing.

One of my favorite aspects of Mommycon/WEAR is the babywearing lounge. If you are a new mom you may have no idea what kind of carrier you want to use and it can be completely overwhelming. Even experienced moms may be interested in trying something new. The babywearing lounge is an awesome place to try on any carrier you might be interested in regardless of your experience. Last year I got to try on a wrap which I would have never done on my own. There is help there for any products you may be uncomfortable with so go ahead and get out of your comfort zone and try on something you haven’t before!

Don’t miss out this year. Mom and Pop Culture will be there and we look forward to seeing you too! Buy your tickets HERE. Tell us, what do you think you’re the most interested in?


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