Finger Paint Snowman Ornaments

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Absolutely Adorable Finger Paint Snowman Ornaments


These snowman ornaments are adorable, easy, and inexpensive! They would make amazing grandparent gifts! Grandmas love homemade gifts from their grand babies!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child’s grandparent this year? Are you tight on your holiday budget? Look no further.  Make these finger paint snowman ornaments – they are easy, inexpensive, and so stinking cute! Your parents will flip over these snowman ornament gifts!

Here’s what you’ll need: clear ball ornaments, white glitter (I actually didn’t have glitter and used table salt), white acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, any color paint for the eyes, and an orange marker. I bought these clear plastic (yes, plastic so that they don’t break) for $0.39 each from Michaels, and I already had all the other supplies at home, so they were $0.39 a piece! Score for super affordable grandparent gifts.

Fill the soon to be snowman ornaments with your glitter (or white table salt if you’re like me and forget the glitter when you go to the craft store) like this.


Then paint your child’s pointer finger with white acrylic paint.  Now carefully place their finger vertically on the ornament – this will be the body of the snowman.  I had both of my kids paint on one ornament, so my 5 year old’s finger is on the left, and my 2 year old’s finger is on the right.


After the white paint dries use the black acrylic paint to draw arms, buttons, and top hats on the snowmen.  Then use the orange marker to draw carrot noses on the snowmen ornaments.  The only other color acyclic paint that I had on hand was green, so I used that for the eyes.  Although you could use black paint if you don’t have anything else.


Let the paint dry over night (or longer) before wrapping your gift.  Your finger paint snowman ornaments are now done!


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