2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s that time of the year again! Time for our annual Holiday gift guide where we give you a list of some of our favorite products from this year!

For the Babies


One of my all time favorite infant products this year has been the dockAtot! This product is amazing for newborns and even up to toddlers. The Deluxe fits kiddos from 0-9 months and is a great place to keep your little. The materials it is made with are safe and breathable so you don’t have to ever worry (because we obviously have enough to worry about!).  We absolutely love it for tummy time and naps in our home. Heck, it’s even perfect for cuddling. This is one product that I’m not sure how we ever lived without in the past. Two kids later, and this is going to be a life saver with my third! Even If you have an older kid, they make awesome floor beds for your young toddler as well, or even a great nap mat! Make sure you check out their deluxe model for infants HERE. This is a great product that we definitely consider essential!


Lulujo‘s Baby’s First Year muslin blankets are absolutely adorable! They have a couple different ones but we love our “loved beyond measure” blanket. It is super soft and makes an absolutely perfect photo prop to record milestones. We just cannot wait until our newest little is here to take amazing photos with ours! I love the modern black and white and it is such great quality. Seriously, can you think of a better way to document baby’s first year than with one of these?! This is definitely a product you will want to save for your kiddo when they grow up to keep forever. They even come with the cards for the milestones to add or of course you can add your own. Check out this one HERE.


The original Woombie swaddle is something that I first heard about from a friend and was told I couldn’t live without when my daughter was born. Once my daughter was born I learned how true that was! The Woombie is definitely one of our favorite swaddles. I love that it is lightweight, zips up and is very secure. Your infant will be able to safely wiggle inside while being snug and and comfortably swaddled. These are harder to sneak their way out of than most of the swaddles on the market which is a huge plus considering my son was a master escape artist and I am sure our next little boy will be too. My kiddo has yet to learn to get out of one of these! They come in so many cute patterns you will definitely find one you love. Make sure you look at all of them HERE!


I realize that kids are picky and you will never know which pacifier they’re going to like but I can honestly say I’ve never met a little that will not take a MAM pacifier. In fact, MAM happens to be the ONLY pacifier my daughter will take. I’m super excited about their holiday pacifiers which are even perfect stocking stuffers for younger toddlers. These pacifiers are so stinking cute and very festive! We love these. Of course, MAM always has your kiddo at heart and are great pacifiers for development. Make sure you look at their site HERE, you wont be disappointed!


Ok, so as moms we are all a little paranoid…right? That may fade a little with each new addition but still, when your kiddo feels like they are on fire, it is the worst feeling in the world. Thankfully, Kinsa is here to give you some peace of mind. I absolutely love their smart ear thermometer and the fact that not only does it have a one second read time (one second!) so that I don’t have to fight with a wiggly infant (or 5 year old) to sit still but also that it’s super non invasive so that I can get an accurate reading while they are sleeping without disrupting them at all. After all, nothing is worse than waking up a sick kiddo! This super cool thermometer stores all your kiddos temp’s and even symptoms in their app! Just show your phone to your pediatrician and they have all the info they need! Get yours HERE.

For the Kids


Pediped shoes are seriously amazing. I love that they’re fantastic for my kids’ feet and development. My daughter is on this huge shoe kick (ha ha) and is obsessed with shoes, particularly sparkly ones. I love that there is a company out there that not only makes shoes that I can feel good about putting on my kids feet, but ones that are also cute enough that my kids get excited about wearing them! After all, NOTHING is worse than a shoe meltdown before walking out the door (Which my 5 yr old is famous for unfortunately). From babies to big kids, Pediped has all sorts of styles for every part of development for you to pick from. Your stylish little diva is going to want ALL of them. Check out all their options HERE!


All infants need toys to engage them while simultaneously encouraging them to benefit developmentally. Sassy’s Grasp and Giggle Guy allows babies to explore different textures as well as engaging them with bright colors. We absolutely love this toy! It’s bright, fun and adorable! Make sure you check out this adorable toy that any infant will absolutely love and want to cuddle HERE.


Do you have a child who is a big gamer? Do you have an Xbox or Playstation at home that’s covered in stickers and other insignia to make it more “personalized”? Well, look no more, The Bomb Shell offers full controllers and controller shells for your favorite gamer.  You can get everything from poop emoji patterns to Batman.  The controller shells are an extremely affordable way to personalize the controller you already have at home.  Do you have two kids and only one controller? Get a shell for the controller you currently have, and order an additional personalized controller –  and put a stop to the fighting over who gets to use what controller! You can shop The Bomb Shell HERE.
These handmade slippers are an amazing gift for anyone on your list this year.  They are handmade wool felt slippers, they are soft, breathable, and slip resistant.  MadeByBears products are handmade with natural materials for the ones you love. You can find them HERE. These slippers are perfect for children because they are made with natural products and they come in sizes from infant to adult.  You can have them personalized with designs of made to look like shoes – whatever you prefer. These unique slippers are absolutely adorable and so comfortable, your child won’t want to take them off! Check out MadeByBears this year.
If you have an older kid, you know just how addicting kids can get to HEXBUG’s! My 5 year old absolutely loves his.  Well, when you also have a younger kiddo like I do, it becomes slightly (ha!) difficult to keep them away from their big brother or sister’s toys. Well, now HEXBUG has a nano Junior that is safe for kids 18 months and up! This is perfect for my 20 month old as she keeps grabbing her big brother’s! These are bigger so they’re easier for tiny hands to grasp and they are not a choking hazard like their smaller counterparts. What a relief to be able to give your little a safe toy that acts the same as the tiny version! We absolutely love this toy. My daughter definitely approves as she hasn’t stopped playing with it since we got one. I’m making sure she is getting a bunch in her stocking this year to match the HEXBUG’s her big brother is getting. Make sure Santa doesn’t forget them for your munchkin this year and pick one up HERE.

For the Parents


Every mom loves getting something personal from her kids for the holidays.  I know I love any kind of gift my kids pick out, but I especially love something thoughtful an pretty. Sierra Metal Design makes these absolutely adorable Mama Bear necklaces that any mom would love! Sierra Metal Design offers unique, hand stamped metal jewelry and items for your loved ones.  These Mama Bear necklaces are exactly that – they are personalized for the mom on your holiday shopping list, they are hand created with love. They offer more than just Mama Bear necklaces, though, they have money clips for that dad on your list, key chains, and guitar picks, too! You can shop their site HERE and get something for everyone on your list this year.


If you have an expecting mom on your gifting list, Covered Goods is a must have item for her! Every mom deserves something that makes them feel good even when they’re busy mom-ing. This awesome product is not only a nursing cover (as pictured) but it also makes a stylish cart cover, car seat cover and even a cute infinity scarf for after those baby days are over (or if mom has a little spit up on her she needs to hide!). We absolutely love this product and especially the cute styles it comes in! You can see all of their styles HERE. Seriously. Make sure you pick one up for yourself too. You wont regret it!


I cannot possibly be the only one who always has an impossible time picking out the perfect gift for Dad. He’s impossible to buy for! Klean Kanteen fixed that problem for me this year. They make this awesome insulated growler that is perfect for any Dad (or Grandpa) on your list. For my beer loving hubby, this is perfect to keep his beer cold no matter what he’s doing whether it’s having a guys night, hanging outside with a bonfire or even camping or hunting. Seriously, every guy is going to want one. He doesn’t like beer? That’s fine. He can keep 64 oz of Ice water, cold coffee, whatever he wants in there at the perfect temperature! The stainless look is so sleek and it’s great quality. Check out this one HERE!


One of my favorite things to do to relax is sit back and have a glass of wine, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. So one of my favorite gifts to not only give, but also to receive is a nice bottle of wine. So, why not give the gift that keeps on giving with a monthly wine subscription from Winc? You create a profile, take an easy flavor profile quiz, and it suggests wines that you (or the person you are purchasing this for) will love!
You can create your own account to try Winc HERE.  Winc has given us a promotion for our wonderful readers to receive twenty five dollars off your first purchase – and when you order 4 or more bottles, Winc generously covers the cost of your shipping! The flavor quiz is short, easy, and provides a great selection of wines based on your personal preferences. The wine is shipped and comes very quickly! It is such an easy and fun process, and a great gift for anyone on your list!
We hope you love all these products as much as we do! Happy shopping!

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