Science for Preschoolers

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Science for Preschoolers



Preschoolers are naturally curious beings – all that asking “why” all day long proves that point.  So when my little guy started asking me what science was, I tried to explain what I remember from my high school classes about a theory, a hypothesis and law.  Except that I didn’t remember the “law” part and I had to google it (I swear I have an eduction).  So I tried to explain what a hypothesis is – you know, an educated guess – and being my ever curious little guy, he kept asking questions.  “How do you know if it’s an educated guess? What does educated mean?”  So I figured the best way to teach him would be to show him; the only problem is, the last science experiments I did were in a chemistry lab, in college, with a beaker and stuff… So I started thinking, what kinds of experiments are kid friendly, relatively easy to do, and don’t require me to leave my house?

The experiment I decided to do was a color experiment. I tried to teach him about ROYGBIV, but he wasn’t interested.  All I needed was plastic cups (I preferred to use clear although anything would really work), food coloring, water, and white paper towels.  All items I already had on hand!

So, we hypothesized that if we put food coloring and water in several cups, and placed a paper towel going from one cup to another, it would spread the water/color from each cup to the next.  My 5 year old was having a little trouble picturing it, but once we started filling the cups with water and food coloring, he was excited to see if our hypothesis would prove correct.


We let the cups and food coloring sit on the counter over night to see how the colors would spread.  And of course, the first thing he asked in the morning was how the experiment looked.  He raced down the stairs and said “Mom! We were right!” he was so excited.


This experiment is a great way to introduce science to preschoolers.  It’s easy, fun, colorful, and best for us moms, doesn’t require an extensive amount of effort.  Lets face it, as much as we want to teach our kids amazing lessons in life, we also have a million other things going on day in and out, and don’t all have hours on end to come up with new ways to teach our kids different lessons. So when your preschooler starts asking you questions about science- try this easy experiment to start introducing them into a life of learning!


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