Meatless Monday Broccoli Alfredo Tortellini

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In an effort to cut our grocery bill a bit I have been looking into ways to use less meat when meal planning. I love the idea of doing “Meatless Monday” each week to make sure we have at least one meal a week free of meat. I always do my meal planning on Thursdays or Friday’s so that I can grocery shop on Friday mornings (hello, payday!) and get what we need. Lately our local grocery store has been carrying tortellini on sale and since it is an all time favorite in our house we decided to incorporate that first. To get some great veggies in, we decided to go with broccoli alfredo tortellini. Monday’s also happen to be my laziest day of cooking as the start of the week is always kinda hard so this recipe is SUPER easy and quick to throw together last minute.


Tortellini- I prefer refrigerated packages of it but feel free to use frozen

Bertolli Garlic Alfredo – our favorite! You can also use mushroom.

Frozen Broccoli- boil or steam bag if in a hurry!

Directions are insanely easy.

1. Cook broccoli and tortellini according to directions.

I either boil them both at the same time or if I am in a hurry and don’t want to deal with the extra dishes, I’ll buy the steam in bag broccoli. So quick and easy!

2. Drain both broccoli and tortellini

I drain them in the same strainer at the same time to be quick and again, less dishes!

3. Dump everything back into empty pot you cooked tortellini in and heat

Pour tortellini, broccoli and the jar of Bertolli alfredo sauce into the pot you used to boil your tortellini in. Put on medium heat and stir until it is evenly heated.


That’s IT! So insanely simple, reasonably priced, and a meal your entire family will love. Even my 5 year old begs for it regularly! Any time my kid scarfs down something with broccoli in it I definitely call that a win regardless of how easy it was to cook. I hope your family enjoys it as much as ours! What are your go-to meatless meals?


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