ergoCocoon Winter Swaddle Review

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ergoPouch Swaddles

Kids are picky, especially as newborns! Between my two, I’ve had one that HATED being swaddled and one who would not sleep unless she was swaddled. When preparing for baby, like so many other things… you just don’t know which your little bundle of joy is going to prefer and you certainly don’t want to waste your money. One thing is for sure though… No matter what, if you are having a baby this winter, you are going to need a safe, comfortable way to keep your newborn (or baby) warm at night. That is why we are in love with the ergoCocoon Winter Swaddle 2.5 for our little one due in December.


This unique swaddle has the easy option of simply unfastening the arms to transition from being swaddled to having their arms free without losing any quality of the swaddle. This build also makes it incredibly difficult for those little escape artists. My first was definitely one of those and I can’t even count how many swaddles we went through before finding one he couldn’t wiggle those little arms out of. What a waste of money. I wish we had one of these for the first two kids! Quite possibly my favorite feature of this swaddle is that it is made for cooler weather (64 degrees to 73 degrees Fahrenheit) yet it is made of great quality breathable material that you can feel good about putting on that precious little one of yours. Not only is it made with organic cotton but also has soft Bamboo Viscose terry in the top. These are perfect materials for the most sensitive of skin. Considering you never know how sensitive they will be you just can’t go wrong with an ergoCocoon.


One thing I learned about these amazing little swaddles is that traditional swaddling can cause hip issues per the International Hip Dysplasia Institute by wrapping them too tight. In order for a good, natural development of the hips, legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips which the ergoCocoon’s stretchy natural material allows. As someone who is an avid babywearer, I have definitely been concerned with hip development and using the correct carrier however it never even occurred to me that I needed to be concerned about it when it came to swaddling my little one. Not swaddling wasn’t an option for my daughter as she wouldn’t sleep otherwise so I am so relieved to know that I have a safe option for our new addition that is considered “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. There is nothing better than being able to truly feel good about the products you use for your children and knowing they are beneficial for their development.

Not only does ergoPouch make the ergoCocoon winter swaddle that I am so psyched about but they also make ones for warm weather (so don’t worry if you have a summer baby! You are still going to need one of these!) not to mention if you KNOW you wont be swaddling, they even have a fantastic line of sleep sacks with incredibly adorable patterns as well as sleep suits for older kids! Check out their entire line HERE.


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