Easy Last Minute Koala Costume

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Easy Last Minute Koala Costume



Are you like me and procrastinate until the absolute last second before buying a halloween costume? Or do you think you’ll make this awesome costume and then never find the time? Well, I made this absolutely adorable, DIY super easy last minute Koala costume.

So, I actually made them for my family of four (me, my husband, and our two kids) and bought all the supplies at Hobby Lobby for less than $25! It took me less than an hour to construct all 4 costumes, and there was NO SEWING involved.

So, here’s what you need:

1 gray t-shirt

white felt

gray felt

headband (can be soft or plastic, whatever you prefer)

craft fur

glue gun and glue sticks

Step one:  cut the white felt into an oval for the stomach and glue the felt onto the t-shirt in the area in which your stomach will be.


Step two: line the craft fur around the outside of the white circle on the stomach and glue into place.  The craft fur that I purchased was already cut into thin strips, so I didn’t need to alter it, however, if you buy the large piece of craft fur, cut into strips and glue around the oval stomach.


Step three: Make the ears for the headbands. Cut the gray felt into large ovals and fold the oval over the headband. Glue it, so that a half circle is facing outwards like a Koala ear.  Then take left over craft fur (although, I ran out of craft fur and ended up using cotton balls, so those would work, too!) and glue it in the center of the ear.



That’s it! You’ve now created your very own homemade halloween costume.  It is an easy, comfortable costume.  Wear gray leggings, jeans, sweatpants, whatever you fancy with your Koala t-shirt and headband.  I know you’ll love this easy last minute Koala costume as much as my family did!


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