Insanely Delicious Milk-Free Mashed Potatoes

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If you’re anything like me, one (or all) of your kids is a picky eater, & one (or all) of your kids has food allergies. My son can’t have cow’s milk protein, & wow, I didn’t realize before now that that stuff is in EVERYTHING! Yes, I agree, reading labels, cooking every night, eating out & checking allergen menus, it can be exhausting. So when it comes time to make dinner every night, I find myself struggling with a devil & an angel on each shoulder: Do I make something elaborate & delicious that my toddler probably won’t eat, OR do I make something easy that pacifies his tantrums & my sanity for another day? Well, here is an easy, delicious, 20 minute or less side recipe to go with whatever main dish you might be cooking – mashed potatoes! The kicker is, it’s dairy free (depending on what kind of butter you use) for your lactose-intolerant or allergic family members. This side serving is one of my 19-month old’s absolute favorite parts of dinner, full of flavor, & doubly easy for him to feed himself while making a complete mess with.

Let’s start with ingredients.

You’re going to need roughly half of a 5lb. bag or more of russet or red skin potatoes, depending on the size of the family you are cooking for, & your tastes! I prefer red skin potatoes, because I hate to spend all that extra time peeling, call me lazy, if you must. We use half to almost 3/4 of a bag for our family of 3, which leaves a good amount of leftovers for my husband to enjoy with his lunch the next day. You’ll also need almond milk (I prefer Silk Original), or any milk substitute of your choosing, butter or butter substitute depending on your preferences & the severity of allergies in your household, cream cheese or sour cream substitute (Both ways will taste great, I promise! I personally love Tofitti brand milk-free cream cheese – you can hardly taste the difference from the real thing!), along with garlic, salt, & pepper to taste.

To Prepare:

1. Chop and peel (or don’t) your potatoes into roughly half dollar sized chunks, & place in a large pot of water to boil.

2. Bring potatoes to a boil, cooking until they are completely “mashable” as I like to call it. This usually takes me about 15 minutes maximum. You can test them periodically with a fork until you get the desired tenderness.

3. Drain potatoes & add in your extras for flavor. I don’t have exact measurements for each time I make these, but I will say that I use roughly 2/3 to 3/4 cup of almond milk, followed by 3 tablespoons of butter, roughly 2 tablespoons of cream cheese substitute, & a bit of chopped garlic, salt, & pepper to taste. (We are big pepper users!)

4. Mash to your heart’s content! After boiling, your potatoes should be soft as a cloud, use a potato mashing tool (is there really a name for that add, waffle-like kitchen thing?) or just a fork or spoon, totally up to you. I like my potatoes still chunky, my husband prefers his smooth like whipped cream (which can mean more cream cheese). My toddler doesn’t care, as long as he can eat them with his hands! Keep warm until serving.


Finally, serve with your main dish of choice! Pictured is our most recent dinner of meatloaf (yes, I put A1 on everything but wood), those awesome milk-free mashed taters, & some sautéed French-cut green beans (I will share the super easy recipe on those soon, too, if anyone is interested!). Delish!


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