Home Date Ideas

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Home Date Ideas


You work/stay home with the kids all day, get home, get dinner ready, clean the kitchen, bathe the kids, check for homework to be done, pick up the house, put the kids to bed, and plop down on the couch. You’re exhausted. You’re physically and emotionally drained. But you’re also alone. No, I don’t mean because you escaped (and if you did, I’m jealous!) but in all seriousness, I mean emotionally. Your husband is on the couch in the next room and you haven’t had a conversation about anything other than the kids, the house, or food in days. If you’re like me you’re torn between wanting to go to bed two hours early or wanting to have an emotional connection to your husband. Some days, the choice is incredibly simple and I go to bed. But I am making an effort to choose to spend more time with my husband. I notice that I really miss him (even though I can see him 10 feet away from me) because we don’t have the same talks we did before kids. I know this is normal, too, so I’m not worried. But I want to have the connection again.

So I’ve decided to start dating my husband after my kids go to bed. These are not crazy, expensive, or even difficult dates to have, they’re just fun. Here is a list of my favorite at home dates with my husband.


1. Prepare a meal together for just the two of you… eat late! Eat after the kids to go bed. Before your husband gets home from work feed the kids chicken nuggets and French fries and get them ready for bed. Then turn on some music, pour you and your husband a glass of your favorite wine and make dinner together. It doesn’t have to be fancy – have him throw together a salad while you brown chicken on the stove. Or, if you’re not the wine and chicken kind of people, grill steaks and potatoes and have a good beer to go with it. It’s not the dinner that matters here, it’s the time you spend together preparing it.

2. Sit on the porch and listen to music together. Enjoy a nice summer evening, have a glass of wine, a cold beer, whatever you fancy, and relax together. Don’t turn on the tv because that is too easy to avoid talking. But turn on your favorite Pandora station and sit back together, cuddle on a porch swing, or around a bonfire in the backyard. We’re not talking about sitting out for hours on end, but maybe an hour of just enjoying a beautiful night with your other half. It’s nice to sit back and relax sometimes.

3. Late night ice cream with my husband after the kids go to bed is one of my favorite things. One of us will run up to the ice cream shoppe after the kids are in bed and get our favorites. We’ll sit back and eat our ice-cream and enjoy – without sharing! It’s amazing how you can forget the small pleasures in life when you’re so overwhelmed with being a parent sometimes.

4. If you’re not into cooking, and you don’t really want to go out or can’t find a trusty babysitter, order your favorite takeout and eat after the kids go to bed. The same rule applies here as it does if you prepare a meal together- feed the kids first. Get the good takeout – not something cheap and easy like you would for your kids. Enjoy a quiet, relaxed, yet delicious meal with your husband. Sit down, at the table, and enjoy. Heck, you could even us plastic utensils for this one (its not about being fancy) and then you’ll have less clean up work! 

It’s so easy to do the “Netflix and chill” thing at home – but that doesn’t really allow for you to have a “date”. At home dates are the best. We get to have a fun night, at home knowing our kids our safe and we don’t have to spend a lot of money! Not that it isn’t nice to go out and not worry about the kids, but lets face it, as parents, we always have SOMETHING else that will come up and need to spend money on. Having an at home date allows you to enjoy a nice night with your spouse without worrying about the expense or hassle of a babysitter and the expense of going out on a date.

Try it, you might find out that you, too, are in need of some adult conversation, some good wine, and an enjoyable, relaxing night with your husband.


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