Quick and Easy Allergy and Dye free frosting

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If you’re an allergy mom, regardless if it’s one allergy or many- You know just how stressful birthday parties can be. Especially for your own kiddo’s birthday. Even if you are not an allergy mom but want to bring cupcakes to your kids class but there’s a kid in there with an allergy in the class it can leave you scrambling to find something that will work for everyone! Thanks to my favorite allergy group on Facebook, I have has A LOT of help navigating through my daughter’s dairy allergy. I just had a hard time when we didn’t want to include any artificial dyes in her first birthday frosting let alone dairy. It was going to be her smash cake and I had no idea what I was going to do. After some searching I was finally able to make a frosting that was allergy and dye free AND took ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS.

Yep. You read that right. Only three.


Color kitchen food coloring

tub of your favorite dairy free (and soy free if you need) butter

2 lb bag of powdered sugar

I seriously cannot even believe how simple this frosting was, much easier than any other frosting recipe I have ever come across. Considering I don’t exactly like to spend a ton of time in the kitchen and we had a very short window of time to prepare it- This was a life saver. Really, the best part was what I used to color it. Found at whole foods (check other stores local to you too!) this stuff is AWESOME.


By Color Kitchen, the stuff is called “real food colors” and literally the only ingredient in it is natural vegetable coloring! Since we used red to make pink, the sole ingredient in the one we chose was beet. Absolutely nothing else added. How amazing is that?!

To make the frosting, all you need to do is empty the entire tub of butter into a bowl and use a mixer while you keep adding powdered sugar to your desired consistency. I only used a little over half of the bag of powdered sugar but the more you use (and especially if you use the entire bag) the more pipeable it will be. This is especially important if you are wanting to attempt designs like I did (don’t judge, it was my first time decorating a cake!).


Once you achieve the desired consistency, add in your dye. To make pink dye, it took one package of red coloring. If you wanted a red you would likely need about 3 packages. Add as you go. Thankfully these little packs are very reasonably priced compared to most of the natural sourced food dyes I had found.

If you choose to design a cake, I highly suggest you do a crumb layer the night before (a thin layer of frosting over the cake) and leave it in the fridge overnight before decorating the next day.


Ignore my bad attempt at flowers- but there it is! An allergy free and artificial dye free frosting that takes only 3 ingredients!


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