DIY Upcycled Kid’s Craft Table

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I’m the kind of person that cannot stand to throw stuff away, especially if we didn’t own it very long before one of the kids damaged whatever it was. Every time something rips or cracks I have to say… my heart breaks a little. So, when my mom bought my son a mickey mouse table and a few weeks later I walk in to him just ripping the plastic off the top of it, I nearly lost my mind! “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!” I wanted to shout. Instead, I tried to think of how I could fix it. Super glue and duct tape were not going to help this latest disaster. My only choice was going to be to completely rip the rest of the top off. What then? What could we possibly do with a table I quickly learned was nothing but cardboard underneath that cute mickey mouse plastic? Ah. It hit me. Instead of continuing to panic every time we do a craft on one of MY tables… why don’t I make him his own CRAFT table that he can paint on, glue, glitter, DESTROY without me having any panic moments. So, together, we upcycled his cute Mickey table into this fun DIY upcycled kid’s craft table!


Our Micky Mouse table looked a little like this. I’m sure you’ve seen them if you don’t already have one in your home! If you don’t have one, and you want to try this project… I pretty much guarantee you will be able to find one on any BST site for either cheap or in the same condition mine was for free. They make these tables with probably 100 different characters with a ton of different designs. In order to start, I had my kiddo help me rip the rest of the plastic and padding off of it. That was definitely the hardest part of the whole project. There were some spots it really did not want to pull out of on the corners… although the entire project was incredibly easy.


Once it was all off, I just let him go at it with some acrylic paint and a paint brush! This project was completely free since I ALWAYS keep paint in my house since painting is one of my kiddo’s favorite crafts. I cannot even express how much he loved making this table. Not only was this project an upcycle and benefited us in regards to having a fun, mess friendly kids table once it was done but it was also a rockin’ mommy and me activity for my son and I.  Let your kiddo paint however they want and as much as they want until they are totally worn out. Even if they don’t cover the whole thing in paint, they can always come back the next day for a second day of activity. I Personally did not seal ours once it was done since I figured each new craft done on it would add some character; each splash of paint would be a new memory. But, if you want it to be used for more than crafts you can totally seal it.


Let it chill out in the sun to dry once you’re done and that’s it! You’re kiddo has made not only an AWESOME masterpiece, but a useful one at that. The best part is that there is one less piece of broken kid stuff chillin’ in the dump. I hope you enjoy! What cool way have you found to upcycle with your munchkins? Leave a comment below!


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