DIY Beer Bottle Vase & More

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE upcycling projects. Nothing makes me happier than decorating my house with unique items that I can say I put effort into. Plus, it’s a bit of a stress reliever after doing stuff for the kids all day. “Mom, Mom, Moooooooooom!!!!!!” After bedtime, it is me time! For quite a while I was wondering how I could upcycle mine and my husbands old beer bottles. I didn’t want something painted plainly, I wanted a twist on it to fit me. With this tutorial, you can customize your bottle to say whatever YOU want that will fit you and your home. Of course you also aren’t stuck on using a beer bottle! I used a salsa jar as well.


Glass bottle of your choice

Fabric puffy paint (color doesn’t matter, you’re going to paint over it)

chalk paint in your desired color

clear wax


In order to start, you need a clean, label-less bottle. To easily remove the label I simply soak them in super hot water for about 30 min.


They should slide off super easy at that point… if not then go ahead and soak again for another 30 minutes. The water should be super hot again the second soak.


Make sure they are totally dry before starting or it could really make a mess of things. To start, I painted my word/design first in the fabric paint.


Let your design dry over night. You definitely want it 100% dry before moving on. Since I only worked at night it was easy to do the lettering and designs while watching a show then leaving it to dry until the next night.

Now to have fun!

Seriously. Have fun with it. Your going to lay on your first layer of chalk paint. We want it to look distressed so don’t be scared to play with it a bit. You don’t want it to look perfect.


Allow the first coat to again dry overnight. This may seem like your project is taking forever, however it was neat to have a little something to look forward to each night that wasn’t too time consuming or that would take too much brain power. My brain shuts off at bedtime in our home.

Go at it and have fun again the next night with your second coat. Remember, this kind of paint is slightly sensitive, the more you mess with it, the more dramatic results you will get. Allow to dry overnight yet again. Finally, you can do a wax coat if you wish. I did one with and one without. I felt as if the one without gave more of a vintage feel whereas the vase with the wax coat gave more of a refined, finished look. Between the two, you can also tell how much you play with the paint can really vary the results. They both came out great and I love my new little vases.


Feel free to not only use whichever glass you like but it also doesn’t have to make a vase. I’ve been known to save pasta sauce jars for pen holders, mason jars for hair brushes and so on. What creative idea do you have for your jars? Let us know!


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