The Best Pan Sear Steak

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The Best Pan Sear Steak


Have you ever watched a cooking show and thought “hmmm…I could do that”? My husband and I frequently watch The Food Network and have decided to attempt to cook more like professionals.  So, I have learned from my mistakes and come up with what I believe is The Best Pan Sear Steak.

So, purchase whatever steak you prefer, if you’re like me, you’ll get whatever is on sale for the week.  Make sure the steaks are thoroughly thawed, and then set out so that they’re room temperature.  This makes a big difference when cooking – I’m not sure why, but trust me, it does make a difference. Once you have your steak, you’re on your way to making the best pan sear steak.

Now, pat the meat dry with a paper towel, and coat very very lightly with olive oil, and season all sides of the steaks with salt and pepper…. I know, I know, only salt and pepper? But yes, only use salt and pepper to season the steaks.  It will be amazing. I promise.  Also, pre-heat the oven at this time to 400 degrees.

Here’s the fun part, heat a skillet with olive oil until it’s hot enough that if you drop water in, it will bubble. Now carefully (yes, very carefully) place the steak onto the skillet.  Sear all sides of the meat until brown, and use tongs to ensure that you’ve cooked all sides the same.  This will probably take about 5 or so minutes per side.  If the steak is browning too quick, reduce the heat on the skillet.


After searing all sides of the pan sear steak, place the skillet inside the oven.  Continue to cook at 400 degrees until cooked all the way through – this could take anywhere from 5 – 12 minutes depending on how you like you steak cooked.

This is the best pan sear steak recipe… I have tried more than one, and after serving too many dry, over cooked, over seasoned steaks to my family, I am so glad I finally figured out the best way to cook a pan sear steak.  My family and I really enjoy eating out steak this way, and I hope your family enjoys it, too!



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