Milk Painting Made Easy

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Milk Painting Made Easy

I am always looking for new crafts to make with my kiddos, and I see tons and tons of awesome, fun ideas on Pinterest daily, but the problem is: I don’t always have everything required to make said projects.  So, I was browsing Pinterest one day, and found Milk Painting. It is so cool! I found the “recipe” for Milk Painting HERE. I was incredibly excited to find out that not only did I have all the “ingredients” for Milk Painting, but that it was relatively easy and not overly messy.


Here is what you will need:

Almond Milk

Food coloring

Dawn Dish Soap



A large bowl

Here is what we did….

Step one, pour the almond milk into the large bowl. I only had organic almond milk (I wouldn’t normally use it for a craft, but, hey, I was feeling spontaneous that day! haha)

Step two, drop several drops of food coloring (colors of your choice) into the bowl of almond milk.


Step three, cover the q-tip in dawn dish soap.

Step four, swirl the colors of food coloring around inside the bowl of almond milk with the dish soap covered q-tips.



Step five, place the piece of paper into the almond milk, and press down…be careful not to press too hard, you don’t want to soak it or cover the paper with milk.  You just want to transfer the food coloring from the milk onto the paper.  This part could be slightly messy….I probably should have had my son wear some rubber gloves, but, hey, I like to live on the dangerous side (haha!).


After you’ve finished steps one through five, either place the milk painting on a table to dry or hang by a clothes pin to dry.  This will take at least an hour (depending on how saturated your paper became while transferring).

So, there you have it, Milk Painting Made Easy!


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