Baby essentials guide and giveaway

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There are so many things that you’ll be told you cannot live without when you have kids. From cute clothes to which brand of diaper and so on. Honestly, you know it is 100% up to you what will work best for your family…. but here are a few of MY favorite baby products that are definitely essential to my family, and I bet you will love them too!


You gotta wash your kid, right? While you’re at it, you gotta oil and lotion them up and of course you’re going to need diaper rash cream! Thankfully, Earth Mama Angel Baby has a baby kit PERFECT to fit all of those needs. We regularly use their products and cannot say enough great things about them. Their Bottom Balm diaper rash cream is even cloth diaper safe which makes it a must for my family… but don’t worry… even if you don’t cloth diaper this stuff is still probably the best stuff I’ve ever used. Their products are all natural and organic so you know you are supporting a company that really takes care of you. I personally love both their lavender and Angel Baby sets… I rotate between the two depending on which smell I really want. If you’re not a scent kinda person, they also have unscented which is just as great! We are big fans of Earth Mama Angel Baby in this house!


Kids get sick. Let’s face it, no matter how young or old they are or how hard you try to keep those nasty germs away… short of locking your munchkin up for eternity… they are going to get snotty. You hate it, I hate it, they hate it. To ease the comfort just a bit, you’re going to need a GOOD humidifier. Since you cannot do much when they are little you do want to do anything you can. Cool mist humidifiers are known to help, especially for babies and Crane has some of my favorites. Not only do these humidifiers help your little one breathe when congested but with all the colors and even animal options you can pick one that they will LOVE! If it’s going in a common room (or even yours!) you can pick a very modern drop shape with TONS of color options, this is also awesome to match to your nursery. If your kid has a favorite animal, you can always go that route too! Crane humidifiers are AWESOME and definitely a loved kid (and parent!) item over here.


I was a little hesitant about how much I NEEDED a Pello before getting one… but let me tell you, It is freaking awesome! Who would have known a large floor pillow would make both my 11 month old and my 4 year old so happy?! I don’t think either of them will ever let me get rid of this thing. My 4 year old loves it for movie time and the baby goes between sitting and laying in it. The only downside is that they both want to be in it all. the. time. ! So, they are typically sitting in it together. One side is SO soft and the other has tons of cute patterns you can choose from. I love the loops on the side for baby toys, it works as a great tummy time pillow! I really wish we had gotten our Pello when my kids were still itty bitty. At least I know my daughter will love it forever since her older brother loves it too! This thing seriously trumps any pillow we have ever owned before when it comes to how much my kids love it.


Most pajamas are pretty much the same. My new favorite pajamas are TOTALLY different. Baby deedee pajamas are so neat. Not only are they stinking adorable in multiple colors and soft but they have winter ones that are layered and cozy but we have their summer/warm weather pajamas which are awesome. These are 100% cotton which is so important for my eczema baby. Want to know one of the most unique features of these pajamas? They have a SEPARATE ZIPPER at the bottom so that you don’t have to take the pajamas totally off for a particularly icky diaper change. Both my daughter and I love these pajamas! They don’t have covered feet which I love since my daughter is just learning to walk. It’s definitely a plus that these Baby deedee Sleepsie Lite pajamas have no extra fabric to get in the way. I don’t know how we ever lived without them and we definitely need more. LUCKY FOR YOU, they are giving our readers a special 20% off coupon with THIS link. Just click the link and shop, your discount should automatically be applied during checkout.


From bottles to Sippy cups you’re going to need a ton! Thankfully Thinkbaby has an all in one kit that allows you to not only use the same container as a bottle, but it transforms into sippy cups to meet the growing needs of your growing baby! These are just too cool. If you need more you can always buy more products individually as well. Thinkbaby is one of my favorite companies simply because aside from being innovative they truly care about the well being of your kiddo. These cups are 100% BPA free, not to mention they are free of all the other icky stuff you might be avoiding with some plastics as well. You can truly feel good about using them, and when your kiddo has outgrown them, you can even RECYCLE THEM! How awesome is that?! Thinkbaby doesn’t just stop with bottles and sippy cups. They even have a line of baby care products including soaps and sunscreens that you will love. They really care about giving you products that you can put on your child’s skin that is SAFE to use. Check out that line by getting a baby care essentials kit which will let you try a few of these great products. I really can’t say enough how refreshing it is to use a company that cares not only what you are putting on your skin but also what your kids are drinking out of as well!


Teething babies are the worst. Even though these necklaces from the Wee Nursling are designed for nursing babies to play with, they are truly amazing for any teething babies. My daughter loves to play with it when nursing (helps her stop scratching my poor neck!) but she’s even more of a fan of chewing on it while I’m carrying her. Made of food grade silicone you know these necklaces are safe for your baby to chew on. I happen to know the mom that makes these and nothing makes me happier than supporting a working mom, especially one that puts her love into the products she makes. Definitely check out her etsy page. We love our necklace.


You’re going to need a ton of blankets, but so far I LOVE Lulujo’s Childhood blanket. I love that this blanket is an awesome choice for babies all the way up through preschool. I hate when I love a product and it is only good for the terribly short time that is baby-hood. It is super soft made up of both muslin and jersey. This is yet another product that is a fan of both my daughter and my son. It also makes the perfect security blanket! I feel like this will be a blanket my daughter will keep for a long time. They have a variety of colors (even gender neutral) in bold stripes I personally love. We use it both in the car on cold days as well as to snuggle up with at night. If you’re paranoid like me, you can take it from the car to lay down on any unknown surface you are going to let your little bundle of joy sit down on. Definitely check them out as well as Lulujo’s other blankets as well!


As a mom to a baby who has had a ton of digestive issues including allergies and even stomach viruses, I can’t tell you how important probiotics are to helping her tummy stay on track. When her gut needed to heal from her milk protein allergy we NEEDED probiotics to help, but sadly most infant probiotics contain milk proteins… Mommy’s bliss probiotics do not! With their only ingredient besides the probiotic being non gmo corn oil, you can’t help but love it. Even though my little had tummy issues, I’m a firm believer that everyone should take probiotics to help with any type of digestive discomfort. These are suggested from newborn and up and we plan on continuing to use them for a long time. We love these and I know you will too! They can be found at major stores like Target so if you run out you don’t have to wait forever to pick up another bottle which is definitely a plus.

Now for the fun!!!

All of these amazing companies have all agreed to give one lucky winner a chance to try their products! I know you will love them as much as I do. So go ahead, enter for this amazing bundle worth over $390 below… and remember to go check them all out!

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