Valentine’s Cupid Dog Lego Review

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Valentine’s Cupid Dog Lego Review

Does your little Valentine love Legos? If he or she is anything like my little guy, he is obsessed with Legos! He loves building anything and everything and taking it apart, just to start all over again.  Well, look no further, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift has been found for your little architect in the making.  Lego has introduced the Valentine’s Cupid Dog kit just in time for Valentine’s Day this year. You can view or order it here.

The Valentines Cupid Dog is adorable and comes in a great little kit for your little guy or gal to start building immediately.  He even comes complete with an adorable little cupid’s bow! I mean, how adorable is that?


Come on, moms, you know that you don’t want to buy your little valentines any more candy than necessary (like they aren’t going to stock up on that at school parties, right?). Don’t waste your money on a useless toy that will be thrown away within a week, buy the Valentine’s Cupid Dog, instead! It’s reasonably priced, right about $10, and can be found online and in stores now! You can purchase it here.


This is a gender neutral kit, made by a great company who focuses primarily on the creativity of our children. I love this Valentine’s Cupid Dog kit by Lego.  It’s geared at kids ages 7 and up, because it does contain quite a few small pieces, so if you’ve got a crawler on your hands, make sure older kids pick up all the pieces before putting this one away.  The kit is easy to put together for seasoned Lego builders, but can easily be figured out for less experienced builders, too.

I can’t stop bragging about how awesome this Valentine’s Cupid Dog kit is! Boys and girls everywhere will love getting this adorable Lego kit for a Valentine’s Day gift from mom or dad (or grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles…. you get my drift here).  This kit is so cool, kids won’t even notice that you didn’t buy them the typical Valentine’s Day candy!





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