St. Patrick’s Day activities round-up

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St.Patrick’s Day Activities Round-up

I’m a mom of two kids, a 4 year old and a 1 year old (I’m still not sure how she’s actually that old!), but I feel like every holiday I need to do a special craft, make a special food, or do some kind of cool, holiday themed activity with the kids.  So, what do I do? I spend hours upon hours on Pinterest searing for the appropriate activities, crafts and foods to make/do with my kids.  I’ve compiled this St. Patrick’s Day activities round-up to save you the hours of Pinterest searching. Here are some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities.


These Shamrock Toilet Paper Roll Stamps are easy to make and children of all ages would love to make them.  My 4  year old would be more than happy to assist in making the stamp and using it to make shamrock upon shamrock, while my 1 year old would be able to hold this stamp and (with my assistance) would be able to make her own shamrocks – she would be so proud because she is obsessed with doing everything her big brother does.  You can find the tutorial here.


Another absolutely adorable craft that I’ve found is this lucky rainbow necklace.  It’s cute, safe to make if your kids are like mine and frequently try eating your craft supplies (thank you 1 year old). You can check out the tutorial here.


I don’t just love crafts, though, I love fun, super unhealthy foods to make for each holiday.  I found these adorable shamrock chocolate covered pretzels and m&m’s.  They don’t take a ton of effort, or time (both of which are a huge bonus in my opinion) and they are absolutely adorable.  I know that in addition to my kids and myself loving them, my very Irish husband would appreciate them, too! You can find the tutorial on making these, here.


While I’m not Irish, my husband is, so that means my children are, too.  This makes me feel compelled to do all kinds of special things to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with my kids (and, we’re from Chicago, so I should be typing “St.Paddy’s” instead, oops!). So, of course, St.Patrick’s Day wouldn’t feel complete without a special activity.  But, because I’m not Irish, I didn’t do any special actives growing up, so, I needed to again search Pinterest for fun activities for my kids.  I found the perfect activity here. I will be doing a gold coin hunt for my kids. I loved Easter Egg hunts as a child and this sounds like so much fun to me, too!

I hope that this St. Patricks Day Activities Round-Up helps you to make this years St.Patrick’s Day perfect for your kids! Enjoy!


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