Nature Cat Meet and Greet at FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo!

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FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo


Are you from Chicago? Are you sick and tired of staying inside during the cold, boring winter? Why not join me, and take your family to FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo this weekend, Sunday, February 14, 2016? It’s a free admission day at Brookfield Zoo. If you’re like me, you love free admission!

This special event is dedicated to all the winter animals, and will have special winter events going all day long…everything from winter animal zoo chats to dog sleds, to meeting WTTW’s new character, Nature Cat!  Children of all ages will love FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo.  FREEze Day opens to the public at 10:00am this Sunday (Valentine’s Day)!  This event is sure to be a fun filled day for your family, and what better way to spend Valentine’s Day then outside, at a beautiful zoo with your kids?


One of the main attractions for Freeze Day at Brookfield Zoo, WTTW will be at the Hammil Family Play Zoo, (which is indoors, so you won’t totally freeze on FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo!) and will be featuring hands on actives for children. They will have the option to make bird feeders, play tracking games, or even meet Nature Cat, PBS Kids’ newest animated adventure character.  Kids can also make Valentines Day cards for the animals (I mean, how adorable is that?!)

Green Valley Dog Drivers dogsled team will be hosting demonstrations on the west mall, and you can try on snow shoes (thank you to the Forest Preserves of Cook County) on the west mall, too.  Also on the west mall, there will be a birds of prey zoo chat.  Other zoo chats to be held on FREEze Day at Brookfield zoo include Polar Bear zoo chat at Great Bear Wilderness, Wolf zoo chat at Regenstein Wolf Woods, and Snow Leopard zoo chat at Big Cats.

This is a great opportunity to take your family to the zoo for free, and to enjoy a day outside, getting some fresh air during this cold, dreary winter.  Bring some fun and light into this Valentine’s Day by bringing your family to FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo! You can find out more about FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo here.

I hope to see you there!


Review of PBS Kids’ Nature Cat Meet and Greet at FREEze Day


While at FREEze Day at Brookfield Zoo, I had the opportunity to participate in the PBS Kid’s Nature Cat meet and greet.  It was a blast! My kids had such a great time meeting Nature Cat.  Nature Cat and all the PBS staff were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and outgoing.  Both my kids and I had a great time.


We made bird feeders to take home, valentines to give to the animals, and spent some time chatting with PBS Kids’ newest character himself, Nature Cat! Even my 1 year old was in love with Nature Cat! She kept waving and yelling “hi!” to Nature Cat. While at the Nature Cat Meet and Greet, which was in the Children’s zoo, we utilized some of the fun activities available and both my children wanted their faces painted- so they decided to have cats as a theme. My son wanted to be a tiger while my daughter was a pink cat.


I can’t brag enough about how wonderful the PBS Kids’ Nature Cat Meet and Greet at Brookfield Zoo’s FREEze Day was! My family and I had an absolutely wonderful time.  This Meet and greet was fun, informative, educational, and a great time all around.  I love taking my children to fun and educational events and we LOVE PBS Kids’ in our home. We will be watching all of Nature Cat’s new cartoons episodes, we’ve already even set the DVR!





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