Adorable Wooden Spoon Snowmen

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If you’re anything like me, it’s December 12 and Christmas break is coming up at school, and you think “what am I going to give my kids teachers this year?”. I have an easy, cute, and inexpensive idea that your kids teachers will love! I’m going to show you how to make the most adorable wooden spoon snowmen. All for under five dollars!

Supplies you’ll need:

paint brushes (I got mine at hobby lobby, but the dollar stores sell them too)

acrylic paints (white, black, orange are necessities but other colors are fun, too – also sold at dollar stores)

wooden spoons (I found a 3 pack at my local dollar store)

This is so easy and really doesn’t take very long. I think I finished mine in under 15 minutes.

So the first step is to paint the spoons white. This will be the base for your snowman’s body.


Next, I put 3 black dots for the buttons going down the belly of the snowman.


After determining where the belly was, I decided to add the carrot nose, next. I used a fine point brush, and in one, quick, but steady motion made the nose with orange paint. 


After adding a nose, it’s time to give the snowman eyes. I decided to go with blue paint for the eyes, but you could really go with whatever color you like best. If you want to have fun with it, add eyelashes (or even eyebrows!)


Once the snowman has his (or her!) eyes, I decided to add a hat. I painted the top of the spoon black.  Because of the round shape, I wasn’t able to make a real top hat… If you’d like, make it fun by adding color, glitter to look like fresh snow, or even polka dots! 


At this point, I thought I was finished; My perfectionist of a 4-year-old then informed me the adorable wooden spoon snowmen were lacking smiles. I agreed and immediately rectified the situation. I recommend adding a smile as well. My son chose gold for the mouth, but you’re making your own snowman, so get creative with it and pick any color you like!


I will be giving these adorable wooden spoon snowmen to my sons teachers along with a bag of cookie mix. I know his teachers (and your child’s teachers, too!) will love a thoughtful, creative, and adorable gift like this! And moms, I know you’ll love an easy, thoughtful, inexpensive gift to give them! 



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