Organizing your preschooler’s space

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If you have a toddler or preschooler you know exactly how overwhelming all of their toys, books, JUNK can be! Organizing their space is definitely a task. I was finding myself frustrated entirely too often with too much stuff and no real solutions as to where to put it away. My house regularly looked like a train wreck and there wasn’t much I could do about it. Considering I am kind of an organization fanatic, I was in full blown panic mode regularly! We finally got the hang of it then moved into a new house and my sons bedroom was much smaller than in our last home. WHY would you make a small kids room? Don’t you know they have tons of stuff?! Well. We found a way to make it work with room to spare, and here are some tips on how we did it.


First and foremost, we chose a bed with TONS of storage options. Drawers are your best friend! Perfect for blocks, clothes (socks and underwear if you don’t have room for a dresser), or even hot wheels tracks. I love storage solutions that fit those oddly shaped toys! My son loves it because they are easy to get to, and even he can easily put the toys that belong in them away. No reaching required.


Staying on the subject of bedding with storage, your best bet really is a lofted bed and there are tons of affordable options, even ones with slides! As you can see we even have extra space underneath currently (that will surely be gone after Christmas!). This space is perfect for big, odd toys and you can add tons of storage by adding something like these sterilite bins. We spent under $4 each on them and keep one for big trucks and one for robots and action figures! Even better, your preschooler can even pick out their favorite color! Again, if you can’t tell I’m all about finding storage options for those weird toys.


Yet another picture of our bed storage. Room for books, toys, even games. When shopping for your preschooler’s bed, the more room for storage the better, especially if you are working with a small space.


Here is probably my favorite space–saving tip. USE YOUR CLOSET SPACE! Preschooler’s do not use their closets like adults do and even if you hang clothes in there, there will still be plenty of useable space under those clothes! I love big bins for mixed toys, we use this one for all of our “sports toys”. It is full of bats, balls, helmets, even a hockey stick and googles. It keeps everything together and off the floor! I couldn’t love them more. Much cheaper than a fancy toy box and definitely more likely to be used.

I also love hooks for play clothes. Whether you are dealing with princess dresses or superhero masks, you need a reasonable place to put them and yet leave them accessible for your princess or crime fighter. These we have in the closet (which doors we actually took off to include this space as part of the room) and they couldn’t be a better fit.


I LOVE STORAGE FURNITURE! Can you tell? There are a ton of play/train table options and you definitely want one with the greatest amount of storage solutions. This awesome table is actually pretty decently sized (unlike the small train tables that give you no room) and can be converted to either a toddler or preschooler table. As you can see I store crafts underneath in easy to use containers.


There is even room on the sides for whatever you need to store. We chose to use it for train tracks but it would be equally great for markers or action figures.


Finally, I love these storage bins! There are a couple different versions of them but I love having toys easily accessible to my kids and yet put away so they aren’t all over the floor. These are definitely a must have for any preschooler’s space.

I hope these tips were helpful. How do you keep your kiddo’s space organized? Let us know!


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