Boing Boing Bounce Birthdays

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In Corpus Christi there aren’t a ton of awesome party venues for a preschooler, which is why I was super excited to find Boing Boing Bounce did birthdays! Nothing is worse than all the time it takes to plan a party, decorate, cook (ugh!), then after the party and fun is over you are left all by yourself to clean up after 10 preschoolers and their parents. Not to mention your own preschooler who is now leaping into the pile of discarded wrapping paper and throwing toys everywhere. I know you’ve seen that sight. That is exactly why this year we decided enough was enough and we had our sons fourth birthday party at Boing Boing Bounce. The inflatables are definitely awesome and there is no concern about how to keep all the kiddos occupied!

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As you can see, they decorated themselves, all we provided was the character balloons for the decorations. They also provided plates for the kids and napkins. All that you need to provide yourself are plates and napkins for the parents and cups for everyone. If you want, they will even provide pizza for a reasonable price along with a ton of other add on items. They definitely have a variety of useful add on products, even face painting. You can check those add ons as well as party packages out HERE!  The only issue that we ran into was that the pizza was 30 minutes late. I was assured that they have since worked with the company they worked with on this issue. We did get additional jump time for this issue and as you can see, the kids did not complain!

unnamed (18)

Even the tiniest of guests had a blast!

unnamed (19)

Overall, it was a great time, and super easy to not have to worry about a mess to clean up, tons of decorating or jamming everyone into your house. The kids loved it and you can’t beat that. Just don’t forget your socks!



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