Pumpkin Decorating Round-up

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I am kinda a last-minute pumpkin carving kinda gal. I hate rotting pumpkins, I want to have roasted pumpkin seeds as close to Halloween as possible (check out my recipe HERE!) and I’m just the kind of person that procrastinates everything. So, here we are, two nights before Halloween, carving pumpkins! Lets not talk about the pumpkin we are waiting to decorate tomorrow! Whether or not you’re like me, here is my Pumpkin decorating round-up of some easy, kid friendly, pretty freaking cool looking, pumpkins you can make before Halloween (Or save for next year if you did a little better than me this year)! Hope you think they’re as cool as I do!


How freaking awesome looking is this melted crayon pumpkin?! I totally love this. Melted crayons are the new craft “thing” from teacher gifts to artwork and we absolutely love it. Why should pumpkins be exempt?! These look fantastic and you can learn how to make one from Crafty Morning HERE.


Have a new baby? Need a cute idea for the grandparents? How awesome is this handprint-footprint pumpkin?! Definitely a way to decorate your pumpkin that you will never forget! I found this cute pumpkin HERE.


This stinking adorable pumpkin is not only one of my favorite ideas I have seen but also seems to be the easiest one as well! Can you believe you can make something so insanely cute, yet so easy? The kids can even do everything except the cutting. This crazy easy pumpkin is brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens and you can check it out HERE.


This is definitely a favorite! Not only is this thankful pumpkin perfect for Halloween, but also for Thanksgiving! I love it! I have always been a sucker for hand print keepsakes and I truly love this idea! I would do it with both of my kids hand prints bringing the total up to 4 and I think it would be just as awesome with even more. The Melrose Family has this touching pumpkin HERE.


Are your kids PBS fans? My kiddo sure is! From Daniel Tiger to The Cat in the Hat PBS has all the pumpkin carving templates you need! We are actually doing Daniel Tiger tomorrow! These are so cute for all ages and awesome that you don’t have to attempt to recreate them on your own, the templates are right there! Check these out at their website HERE.

I hope you like these! Leave a comment with what your family carved this year!


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