Learn to cut pumpkin craft

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It was recently brought to my attention that three year old’s should be learning to cut paper. WHAT?! Scissors in the hands of my little trouble maker?! This thought may have been slightly terrifying but regardless, I dragged his little butt over to the craft store so we could pick out some toddler friendly (AKA non emergency room visit friendly) scissors for him. We got home and I was getting ready to just hand him a piece of paper and let him go to work at it when I realized we hadn’t done a fall craft this year yet. So, I decided we would try to make a pumpkin craft out of the scraps of paper! This was super easy, he had a blast and I felt warm and fuzzy for teaching my kiddo something new. The awesome safety scissors prevented any heart attacks from me and there was no blood leaking from him! Over all, they may not look perfect but I think they were a huge success!


First, I simply drew lines across orange construction paper. Feel free to totally ignore the fact that my lines look as if my son drew them instead of me. If you have an kid that’s a little more experienced in cutting paper, the way it is pictured is just fine. HOWEVER, if your kid has never cut anything but play doh in their life, I suggest slicing the paper in half long-ways (is that the technical term?) so that they have less paper to cut at once. This will highly decrease frustration, and ensure that they have a much easier time following the lines! We may have had to learn this the hard way.


Take a DEEP breath, hand your munchkin the safety scissors, and show him how to cut along the lines on the construction paper. As you can see, it’s not going to be straight, so don’t expect perfection. Not staying on the lines is perfectly acceptable, just remind them that we are trying to cut along the lines. You can also see why we learned to slice the paper so he had less line to cut for each strip of paper. He has a BLAST. He loved it. We spent an hour cutting strips of paper because he was so proud of himself. His cutting got so much neater just in that one sitting as well.


 Wow. Those aren’t straight at all! That’s ok. It’s a handmade project made with love, right? My kid loves using a glue stick so this part was just as much fun for him. Glue an end of each strip together in a circle. Make sure each strip has an opposing strip to connect to on the other side. The glue stick worked just fine at holding the pieces together and was super convenient with no mess or drying time!


Now, just simply connect the strips together at the top the same way you did the bottom. You can do this part on your own or help your toddler do it. I helped since he was very into the project at this point and wouldn’t let me do a thing without him. Once you have all the strips connected, take a small piece (we just cut a little rectangle) of brown or green construction paper, fold one end and glue the fold on the top of your pumpkin for a stem!


The finished product was adorable and my kiddo was so proud of himself! It is now a common project in our house as he’s constantly asking to “make pumpkins”. They’re great decorations, to give to a grandparent, or you could even hang them with a small hole in the stem and some string.  I hope you and your kids enjoy this craft!


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