Easy DIY wallpaper removal

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Do you have a room in your house that’s an eyesore? Is the room covered in ugly wallpaper? If you’re like me, you will worry that you’ll mess it up and hire someone to fix it. This was my kitchen.  I hated the wallpaper from the second we looked at our house with the realtor before buying it.  I loved everything about the house, except the kitchen. Here is an easy, diy method to removing wallpaper.


You will need the following:


1.cleaning vinegar (I purchased at the local hardware store)


2.spray bottle


3. Wall scrapers

4. Standard sponge

So. Here’s what you do:

Enlist the help of family and friends.  My husband, nephew, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and I did our kitchen.

I would recommend removing wallpaper in an empty room, so remove or cover any furniture.

To start, peel any and all wallpaper you can by picking it off and peeling it from the wall (I started near corners) and pulling downward. Get as much as possible off this way.

The next step is to mix very hot water with 1/2 cup of cleaning vinegar in the spray bottle. Saturate the wallpaper with the mixture and scrape it away. This is a somewhat long and painstaking process. If at first not much comes off, repeat. It may take a few tries. I found the more saturated the wallpaper was, the easier to get off.


Once all the wallpaper is removed from the wall, the wall will be sticky and wet. Gross, I know. Let it dry over night.


The next day, use the same mixture in the spray bottle (1/2 cup cleaning vinegar and remainder very hot water) to spray the now dry wall and scrub clean with a sponge. I found it helpful to have a bucket of warm, soapy water to rinse my sponge. If there is a thick amount of glue, use your scraper to remove the glue and wipe both the wall and scraper clean with sponge. Again, when finished allow the walls to dry overnight. You may have to repeat this part depending on how much glue was left on the walls.

After the walls are totally dry, you can start painting.



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