Boppy Baby Chair Review and Giveaway

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Everyone knows about the AMAZING Boppy pillow… from nursing to tummy time you have used one! Well, Boppy did it again! The Boppy Baby Chair is yet another baby item from Boppy that is a total must have! It truly is an all in one chair, going from floor seat to a space saver high chair. My daughter is loving this thing and so am I! Thanks to Boppy, here at Mom and Pop Culture, we have one to give away so make sure you don’t forget to enter below!!


Quite possibly my favorite feature of the Boppy Baby Chair is that it folds compact! There are so many floor chairs out on the market that are bulky, hard to store, and just generally big. Boppy made it so that not only can you store this chair, but its also not a pain in the butt to travel with either! Add onto the fact that it is also super light weight, this is a great concept. I am thrilled that when adding baby items in my house there is finally one that is not taking up a ton of room!


Another thing that I prefer about this seat over some others is that the tray goes on pretty easily. As you can see, it just slides right on and off that little edge. This is awersome because with other chairs I have had issues having to flip them over or just generally fuss with it which just complicates things when baby wont come out with the tray attached! This makes it so much easier to take baby in and out and add or remove the tray per your needs. I love this! It could click in place a bit easier, but really it is so much more simple than any other floor chair I have ever used.


Not only does this seat have rubber on the bottom to truly make it a safe floor seat (so comforting as a mom!) but it also has straps that easily tuck away when not in use to convert it into a space saver high chair! Considering it is so easily portable this is great whether at home or even more so to be able to take it places you may not have one such as the grandparents or a friends house! I love it! Considering we don’t have a ton of room, this is a great feature for our family.

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We absolutely love this chair for playtime, eating and more! The only thing I would change is to add some padding in the back as it doesn’t seem like the most comfortable chair, but that being said my daughter has yet to complain! Obviously only a small negative considering how easy and convenient it is! It even wipes clean. She loves it and so do we. Now for the fun part! Make sure you enter below for the chance to win one yourself!

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4 thoughts on “Boppy Baby Chair Review and Giveaway”

  • You did a great review on this chair. You made me really want one, as I went out to eat with my almost 5 month old today all by myself. I brought in a small plastic chair high like contraption that is supposed to latch onto regular chair. Everything that you mentioned that were pluses about this Bobby chair, were the negatives about the chair I was using today. The tray was extremely hard to remove even so I had to have the waitress help me, and the chair was riding around on the booth as I couldn’t sit at a table, and it’s hard plastic so it’s not comfortable at all, and also I have very very limited cargo space in my vehicle and it takes up a lot of room in there. I would absolutely love to have a chair like this!

  • What a convenient and versatile chair! Love your review so much, I’m thinking I need to get my sister one for my nephew.

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