Natural Parenting Giveaway

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for new brands to try that are safe for your little one to use. Maybe you cloth diaper or are new to it and want to start. Maybe your family eats organic but you’re looking for new types of baby food. Maybe it’s important that your baby sleeps on a non -toxic surface. Whatever you do to be natural, this Natural Parenting Giveaway is for you! From breastfeeding products for mom to teething remedies or diaper cream for your little one, I hope this giveaway will help you find some new, fantastic products that you will consider as essential to your family as I do!

Bum Genius 4.0 Cloth Diaper


Pocket cloth diapers are probably the most popular type of cloth diaper on the market today. They’re super easy to use, easy to fit to your individual child’s absorbency needs and overall a great type of diaper. Bum Genius 4.0 diapers are one of the best pocket diapers I have every used! Their pockets are huge, making taking the inserts in and out super simple. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten frustrated with a diaper over how difficult it was to stuff them with inserts. The most important reason I personally love Bum Genius diapers is that I have never had the leak issues I have had with some other brands. I can honestly say I have had less leaks with Bum Genius diapers than I have had with disposables! Definitely an extra benefit to cloth diapering with 4.o’s. I love that at night I could add additional inserts to hold more, and still not have any issues while they can be thinned out during the day with less. Of course they also have some super cute limited edition prints that you’ll want to get your hands on too! Make sure you head over HERE to pick out a few Bum Genius 4.0’s… you wont regret it!



From a teething infant to pregnancy induced acid reflux, Hazelaid has the products for you! Their Hazel necklaces help with acid based symptoms such as reflux and eczema while they have fantastic amber necklaces that are fantastic for pain, especially that associated with teething. They have both jewelry for children and adults and I got the opportunity to try one of their Hazel-Gemstone Pink Rhondite (pictured above) necklaces. This particular necklace is known for helping with acid based symptoms and seeing as how I have struggled with severe acid reflux my entire life… which of course has only gotten worse with pregnancy, I knew I had to try it. I can honestly say I’m shocked. I truly didn’t expect it to work as well as it has. While I still need my medicine I am not miserable even with it… which has been the case most of this pregnancy. I can truthfully, and happily admit that I have had such a decrease in symptoms since wearing this necklace and I couldn’t be happier. I wish I had used one for my son as an infant and I am already planning my Hazelaid purchases for my baby girl due in April. Remember that their amber necklaces are fantastic for all types of pain, even headaches and arthritis! Just for our readers, Hazelaid has offered a code for 10% off your order with code “Mompopculture10” so make sure you take advantage of it and head HERE to pick the right necklace for you or your little one!



NurturMe is an awesome line of organic, natural foods for babies and toddlers. From your little ones first bites of baby cereal to dried fruit snacks for your toddler, NurturMe has everything your little one needs. Start them off with the goodness of quinoa that can be mixed however you want… even with breastmilk! Then move onto their dried baby food that packs a whole ton of nutrition for your babies first foods. I know I love that I can sneak some veggies into my toddler with their apple, banana and broccoli yum a roos! You can feel safe using these products for your kiddo as they are always organic, non-gmo, gluten free and never have any additives such as salts, sugars or presevatives! These are fantastic and both mom and kids will absolutely love them! The lucky winner of our Natural Parenting Giveaway will get the opportunity to try a little of all of their awesome products and I promise you wont be disappointed! Give your littles the nutrition they deserve with NurturME, head HEREΒ to see all the flavors they have available!

Binky D Diapers


There is nothing better than putting a diaper on your kiddo’s behind that was truly made with love… at least I don’t think so anyway. If you love Hybrid Fitted diapers, you will absolutely ADORE Binky D Diapers. Made by a work at home mom that puts her customers first these diapers are truly made to handle your kiddo no matter how heavy of a wetter they are. I have used hybrid fitted diapers from other work at home moms that just don’t make the cut… within minutes we have had leaks and had to change my sons entire outfit. Thankfully this isn’t a problem with Binky D! It’s important that you are putting quality on your little one’s rear and these are so well made you will not be disappointed. Of course, the best part of hybrid fitted diapers is how freaking adorable they can be and Binky D does not disappoint. She is always stocking adorable diapers as well as custom embroideries that you just won’t be able to live without. If you haven’t used a hybrid fitted diaper before, these are a great choice if you would like your babies bum to have more air flow. I definitely suggest trying Binky D out first, as you want to try a quality diaper that will last a long time before getting damp. These uber cute diapers are ones everyone will love. Make sure you check out her site HERE on how to get your hands on one of these fantastically made diapers!

Momme Meals Go Chews


Whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, Go Chews by Momme Meals are truly a fantastic, nutritious option! Packing in all the essential nutrients to help support your health whether pregnant, nursing or just an active kiddo these are an essential snack for anyone in the family. My first trimester was so incredibly rough with morning sickness and I had to go to school on top of it. You know what makes morning sickness worse? Not eating for long periods of time. Thankfully, I was able to take a few Go Chews with me to each class and whenever I would get hungry or start to feel sick I could snack on them! They really are a perfect on the go snack for a busy mom. Of course, as with everything on this giveaway… the best part of these snacks is that you can feel good about eating them and giving them to your littles. After all, even my toddler loved them! I couldn’t argue with him asking for my food knowing just how good they were for him! Try them out HERE.

Natural Mat USA


There are so many ways to make sure your baby is using natural products and one way that is often forgotten is where your child lays their head to sleep. It is important that your kiddo’s bedding is non-toxic and with Naturalmat’s organic cotton sheets, you can do just that. Not only are these sheets dedicated to being completely natural, but they are SO soft. I absolutely love these! What does being organic mean when it comes to these sheets? It means there are no chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals used to make them. I definitely appreciate that I can feel safe using these with both my toddler and my newborn coming soon. I live in south Texas where it is mainly hot, and well, hot… these are fantastic for helping keep your kiddo cool during those hot summer months (or all year round if you live down here!). I love this company as they also have mattresses, mattress pads and everything you could need for bedding. Make sure you check out their full line over HERE. Its definitely necessary to know that your munchkin is peacefully dreaming on the best surfaces possible!


How cute is the name Bamboobies?! I love it. Nearly as much as I loved getting to try their bamboo nursing pads and their bell-ease belly and baby butter! Their daytime nursing pads are adorably shaped as hearts which is not only cute, but serves a purpose. Thanks to the heart shape, it is easier for the pads to conform to you, meaning they are less obvious through your bra. Their overnights are round and VERY absorbent. The bamboo is ultra absorbent and works SO much better than cotton or disposables in my opinion. Plus, I prefer these over disposables simply because I can reuse them and they stay soft and comfy. Their Bell-Ease Belly and Baby Butter has been perfect for this pregnancy. The texture originally threw me off a little but I quickly got used to it as this stuff smells and feels AMAZING. I honestly just want to rub this stuff on my belly all day long it really is that fantastic. Of course it is always all natural and organic you just cannot go wrong! Even keeps my hands silky smooth for the rest of the day! Bamboobies’ has breastfeeding bundles perfect for any baby shower as well. Make sure you check out their entire line HERE.

Earth Mama Angel Baby


Earth Mama Angel Baby is a fantastic line of products for moms and babies that are truly organic and natural. These products smell amazing and actually work! From diaper rash cream that is cloth diaper safe (a must if you cloth diaper like me!) to baby wash and even postpartum products for mom you definitely need to check this company out if you don’t already love them! I adore their baby essentials bundle which is a truly fantastic baby shower gift. It has all the essentials mom needs to take care of her newbie and I would even pair it with some TLC products for mom! Not only is Earth Mama Angel Baby always organic but they are also non-GMO certified. This is definitely a brand you can love and trust with your family’s needs. Check out all their amazing products HERE. They really have so many products you will be able to find anything you need.

Now for the fun part!!! Mom and Pop Culture has paired together with all of these fantastic companies to give you a chance to win something from each and every one of them! This is the ultimate natural parenting prize bundle and here is what is included:

Bum Genius- 4.0 cloth diaper in Mirror

Binky D Diapers- your choice of an in stock diaper

Hazelaid- $25 gift card

Naturalmat USA- Organic cotton sheet

Earth Mama Angel Baby- Newborn essentials bundle

Nurturme- Full variety gift set

Momme Meals- Β 4 pack of go chews

Bamboobies- bell-ease belly butter and combo pack of nursing pads

Enter below to win!

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