Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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Roasted pumpkin seeds are easily one of my favorite things about fall…. you know… after pumpkin pie that is. There are just some things that will always bring back warm and fuzzy memories and roasting the seeds after scooping all the guts out of my pumpkin in preparation for carving  just happens to be one of them. Then of course by the time we are finished carving, we would put candles in our pumpkins, watch Halloween movies and chow down on our pumpkin seeds! I hope my son has the same fond memories as I do, so I make sure to make them every year.

If you’ve never had roasted pumpkin seeds, watch out because they’re mighty addicting! When you’re gutting your pumpkin, grab out the seeds and separate them as you go. Try to get as little pumpkin in the seeds as you can but don’t make it an ordeal… just do what you can while you’re going. Once you’ve gotten all the seeds out (or most of them), throw them into a pot of boiling salt water. Some people prefer to wash the seeds first to ensure there isn’t any pumpkin residue left on them…. It’s never bothered me and I kinda love the smell of the pumpkin bits boiling. Nothing better than your whole house smelling like pumpkin while you’re carving!


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Once the seeds in the pot are boiling, I will usually take a fork and spin it around in the pot to grab any larger pieces/strings of pumpkin out. Boil your seeds for about 10 minutes. Then just strain them.


After straining your seeds, spray a pan with non stick cooking spray. Toss all the seeds in the pan and toss some salt over them. That’s it. So simple. Just don’t get stingy with the salt because after all, that’s the best part! If you want a little kick feel free to add some pepper in too. Yum! You’ll want the seeds in as thin of a layer as possible.


Bake your seeds at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes to dry them out. About every 10 minutes, take them out and stir/flip them to help speed up the process a tad. This also helps you check to see if they are dried out. Once they are done, take them out, pour in a bowl to share, and enjoy!


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