Super Kooky and Unique DIY Kid’s Halloween Costumes

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It may not officially be fall just yet, but now that the summer vacations are over and all the kids are back in school, you can’t go into a store without seeing Halloween costumes.  While the store bought costumes are certainly cute, there are only so many of them…. after a while all the kids start picking out the same ones.  So we thought we’d get a list together of some of the cutest costumes that you can make yourself!  They’re cheaper, unique, and your kids can even help with some of the assembly which makes it extra fun (or frustrating if you’re a control freak like me, lol).  So pick out your favorite and start whipping up your own unique DIY kid’s Halloween costumes!


 Baby Ghost

10-29-13-064-768x1024When you’re looking for an inexpensive diy costume it doesn’t get more classic than a ghost.  This has an extra cute twist to it with the tutu skirt that’s fast and easy to make!  Click here to check out Claire’s tutorial on how to make your cuties look just as bootiful.  (Was the pun too much?  It was, right?  I knew it.)

Chinese Takeout Box

559cf94aea07e608b54486b25f076b2cSeriously, this is equal parts hilarious and adorable!  And how easy to make!!  A cardboard box, some red paint, and a few chopsticks in the hair and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy costume!  (This photo was found on pinterest, we were unable to locate it’s origin…. comment below if you know who’s it is so that we may give credit where adorable credit is due!)


iPodGot a little music afficionado on your hands?  This iPod costume might just be the perfect way to turn a box into the ideal trick-or-treat outfit for them!


Halloween-2010-Tornado-286x600This probably wins for one of the most unique costumes I think I’ve ever seen!  It would be SUPER cool as a group costume as part of a Wizard of Oz theme, too!  Click here for the step by step directions on this piece of awesome!

Dwight Schrute

funny-costume-Dwight-Schrute-kid-OfficeOh you can just get a super awesome costume of Dwight Schrute from The Office at the costume store.  FALSE.  You can’t.  Because it’s too cool.  What you CAN do is make it yourself and have a kid wearing a costume that makes every adult tell you that your kid is the coolest ever.

Elsa from Frozen

frozen+elsa+dressWhen your kid begs for the tacky box store costume version of Elsa’s dress you can just tell them to let it go, let it go… Ha, ok, not really.  But THIS ONE is really beautiful and will last so much longer!

Napoleon & Kip

napoleon_dynamite_family2Ok, so Napoleon Dynamite came out years ago, but that doesn’t make it less great.   Do you know what’s better than dressing your kid up as Napoleon?  Dressing one kid up as Napoleon and the other up as Kip.  That’s what.

Sushi Baby

Picture 26Honestly, do I even need to say anything?  The kid is sushi.  Sushi.  He’s got a soy sauce hat.  I mean COME ON.  This kid is so cool.

Pippi Longstockings

ss_PippiLongstockingIs there a girl out there who’s more amazing that Pippi Longstockings?  She can lift a horse above her head and her braids defy gravity!  That is OUTSTANDING!  This seems like a pretty easy costume to replicate, especially with some florist wire in the braids to give them the Pippi flip.

Clark Kent / Superman

supermanIs your child faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive?  Well than OBVIOUSLY he should be Superman for Halloween!  This outstanding costume would be perfect for little guys who might not like to dress up in a conventional costume, but still want to participate in trick-or-treating!

 Frida Kahlo


Your budding artist will look picture perfect in this Frida Kahlo costume, complete with the…unique…Frida browline (courtesy of a little brow pencil).  Unique, beautiful, and just amazing, this costume seems easy to replicate and a surefire hit!

No matter what your little goblin dresses up as, they’ll surely be adorable!  So comment below and tell us what your favorite costume is from your little one’s past Halloweens!



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