10 Exciting Sensory Bins for Children

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A collection of 10 super cool sensory bins...

Sensory bins are an incredible tool that you can use to teach & entertain your children. I love creating a new sensory bin every month or so and will often base them off of a theme or topic. I love making sensory bins that are just for fun for the holidays, too. We made one for Valentine’s day and Easter this year and Lanae absolutely loved them… Sorry. Didn’t take pictures of those ones!

But I also love putting together sensory bins to help teach about a concept that I’m trying to help my kids understand, like colors, shapes or the beach… Interacting with new objects, textures, etc. helps kids learn new vocabulary. We have strict rules with our sensory bin, too. So it teaches a little bit of self-control! The rules aren’t too strict, though, because the sensory bin is all about exploring. They’re pretty simple actually…

Rule #1. You have to ask for permission to play with the sensory bin and mom or dad has to be in the room while you’re playing. Because there are usually little pieces, its best to keep an eye on the kids while they are playing.

Rule #2. No throwing. Yeah. I don’t like it when they throw the sensory bin stuff on the floor, across the table or at each other.

Rule #3. You make a mess, you clean it up! Before you can go play with something else. I think this is pretty good rule because it teaches some responsibility for their actions. It’s a good habit to get into… No child is too young to learn to clean up after themselves.

Here are some of my favorite sensory bins… As well as some sensory bins that I’m super excited to try sometime in the near future!! Enjoy!

1. If you can’t afford a trip to the beach, this is the perfect way to bring the beach to your home and allow your kids to explore sand and shells in their own way. Check out this Beach Sensory Bin from Messes to Memories.

Beach Sensory Bin

2. Most kids love water and will behave instantly at the mention of playing in water. This sensory bin is no different and has definitely helped to entertain my children on a number of occasions this summer. Check out our Cool Water Sensory Bin and also how we used Vanishing Marbles to make the water look blue.

Water Sensory Bin with Vanishing Marbles

3. Color and Shape Sensory Bin. I love using sensory bins to help teach a concept. This sensory bin was all about colors and shapes. My little Lanae explored and played and we had simple conversations that helped enrich her learning every once in a while… This is one of our favorite bins that we’ve actually kept using month after month. With the links and little blocks, there are so many things that kids can do with a bin like this.

Color and Shape Sensory Bin for children

4. I found a great Fall sensory bin that brings in all kinds of colors and uses rice! Check out this bin from Hands On As We Grow with Pumpkin Scented Rice.


5. Or if your lazy like me… just use beans and what you collect from around the house that seems Fall-like… Cinnamon sticks and potpourri to make a simple Fall Scents and Textures Sensory Bin.

Fall Scents & Textures Sensory Bin

6. And because we are currently in Apple season, here is a super fun idea from No Time for Flash Cards for an Apple and Acorn Sensory Bin! There are so many different options when it comes to Fall. The bright red will definitely get kids excited!


7. If you can stomach the creepy bugs, maybe you would love to let your kids explore with a Creepy Crawly Sensory bin for Halloween. This is definitely another one of our favorites… We saved all the supplies from last year just so we could make it again this year!

Creepy Crawly Sensory Bin for Halloween

8. This Christmas Small World Construction Site looks like the most incredible sensory bin idea ever… And I’m definitely going to be trying out this season. It comes from Sow Sprout Play! Hop on over there for all the details!!


9. Here is another simple Christmas Sensory bin idea that I think is so pretty and would definitely be easy to throw together in a couple of minutes. Except I would just use some leftover Christmas stuff that I have lying around…


10. The last great idea I found that I’m putting on my list is this amazing Penguin Sensory Play. We don’t get a lot of snow here… so this would be a really fun way to make it feel more like winter. And my kids love penguins… I would probably use coconut or something similar for the snow instead of epsom salt, but still… really cool idea!


Do you have any suggestions for an exciting sensory bin to keep the kids entertained??

1 thought on “10 Exciting Sensory Bins for Children”

  • Awesome ideas! I’m always looking for new sensory bins for my 3 year old. His favorite so far has been a dinosaur terrarium bin. This one took a little more work as we decided to go all out with a hot glue gun, moss, sand, fish tank rocks, etc., and create a habitat that he could use over and over again. It’s a lot of fun! Will definitely be trying some of these out.

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