Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, NC

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I’m always on the lookout for a fun and safe place for my kids to explore and play. The Marbles Kids Museum here in Raleigh is the perfect place for those days that are too cold, rainy or hot to play outdoors. There is so much for kids to do that it is really hard to fit it all in on one outing. Many times when we go to Kids Museums I end up thinking that my kids are too little to enjoy the museum fully, but Marbles has activities and centers for all ages, including little ones.



Parents will find so many fun things to do, too!

We spent a lot of time in the Around Town exhibit where kids can explore and use pretend play to do things they see grown-ups doing all the time. One of Lanae’s favorites was the Market. She loves to go grocery shopping and she thought it was so neat that she could grab her own cart and throw in whatever she wanted without me saying “Don’t touch that!” I was so pleased when she went straight for the fruits and vegetables.




The Around Town exhibit has so many other things to explore including cars, boats, and firetrucks that kids can actually pretend to drive. It has a little nurses station and school area. It also has a fully equipped play kitchen and farm where kids can create meals or milk a cow. There are also several small tables with different toys kids can play with including dinosaurs and trains.





Lanae loved the huge pirate ship in the Splash exhibit. She climbed up and down the ladder multiple times and loved looking out over the bow of the boat. We also enjoyed a little down time on the hammock in the pirate ship and relaxed a bit in the Under the Waves room. Owen loved looking at the fish in the little aquarium.



My kids are notorious for their straight faces, even when they are having fun. I think they get that from me…IMG_9098


And of course, we couldn’t pull Lanae away from the Lighthouse section where she actually got to play in the water.


After almost two hours of playing, we finally made it upstairs and realized that the museum had so much more to offer. We built some cars and raced them down a huge track. I thought it was so neat that we got to build our own cars. Lanae was drawn over to the arts and crafts table where they could create art using paper, strings, cloth, pencils, crayons, glue and more. We really wished we could have spent more time there.



Some of the things we didn’t get to before closing time include the work bench where kids can use real saws to cut and build,  super structures–which is basically a big room filled with legos, and the outdoor gardens. There were several other exhibits that were geared more towards older kids, but looked really fun. The Power2Play exhibit had a basketball hoop and some neat athletic equipment for kids to use. I’m really excited to go back and try it out with my kids in the future.

After play time, we were all starving from playing so hard all morning. We decided to check out the Pogo Cafe. The food was healthy and delicious, my picky little Lanae couldn’t get enough of my sweet potato fries. And she loved daddy’s chicken Pogo stix. I enjoyed a delicious turkey, bacon and swiss sandwich called the Gobbler. I was too hungry (and it was too delicious) to take a picture.

As we were leaving, my husband and I were already talking about what we would like to do next time. This really is the perfect place to bring your kids to let them explore and play on a rainy day! If you have the chance, I would highly recommend that you check out the Marbles Kids Museum here in Raleigh.


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  • It is a great place! Love the review. The only down-side to Marbles is that they make you pay $5 to watch your own kid play. I really don’t think they should charge parents to get into a kid’s museum. But, I also understand they have to make a profit. 😉

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