DIY Nursing Tank

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Let’s be upfront and honest – babies are expensive. One of the many great ways to try and save money is to nurse instead of formula feed, but even that comes with hidden costs. Nursing specific shirts are expensive, and even plain tanks are $20+. I also always hated that to have the support I needed I would have to wear a nursing bra along with a nursing tank. This time around I tried to be a little more money smart! My sister-in-law showed me these ingenious nursing tanks called Undercover Mama, but at $25 a pop and limited color choices I wasn’t 100% behind taking the plunge and buying them… but I was all about making my own!

What You’ll Need:

1 tank of your choosing (I got a bunch of $1.80 tanks from forever21)
1 pair of scissors
1 needle
1 spool of thread (I just used white, but you can find an exact match if you want)


Step 1:
Cut the strap off the back.


Step 2:
Cut the strap off the front, leaving about 1 ½ to 2 inches.


Step 3:
Looping the strap around, stitch it into a tiny loop.


Once you’re done stitching both sides the tank will look like this:IMG_6735

The loops attach to the front of any nursing bra with clips.IMG_6737

When you unhook the bra, the tank will go with it!IMG_6738

That’s it! A super quick and easy nursing tank for less than $2 each! You can wear it under any shirt, and just lift the over shirt up and you’re midsection will be covered.

Hope you enjoy saving money 😉

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