Time Lapse Baby; Bump To Buzz

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What better way to start off our new Parenting Pop Culture page on Mom & Pop Culture than with YouTube…the mecca of current pop culture?  Anyone who’s not been under a rock for the last, oh, decade or so has wasted hours upon hours (or in my case days upon days) on YouTube watching everything from kittens that haz a cheezburger to music videos to makeup tutorials… but I happened upon this video that seemed like the perfect blend of current pop culture, and parenting.

YouTube vloggers, Tom and Giovanna Fletcher, are just as cute as cute can be filming their adorable music videos, open video letters to family, and everything else that they decide to post in their infinite adorableness.  Their video that is, categorically, THE most “awwwwww” inducing is their time-lapse video of Tom singing to his wife and her growing tummy throughout her pregnancy.  Now, there are a lot of ways to commemorate a baby bump…. the weekly photos, the belly outline drawn on the wall, and paper mache casts of the belly, but nothing, I repeat nothing, is quite as sweet as this video of Tom & Giovanna Fletcher’s  video, “Bump to Buzz”.


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