WELCOME to Mom & Pop Culture Website Launch!

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Hey everyone! I’m glad you could join us in our official Mom & Pop Culture Website launch. We’re pretty new so forgive us if you run into any kinks or hiccups.

Let us tell you briefly what we’re about. We’re a group of moms who are willing to save you the trouble by giving you tried and tested recipes, crafts, product recommendations and even local places and events! We are real and honest parents who are not afraid to make mistakes. Yes, we mostly live in stained sweats with our hair up! Go HERE to learn more about us.

We pretty much treat this as our new baby and just like every newborn, it needs lots of LOVE! Here are a few ways you can support and help us out:

Like our Facebook Page
Pin any of our posts (recipes, fashion posts, etc.) on Pinterest

Follow us on Twitter
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Share your favorite posts on Facebook

To thank you all for being a part of this new project, we will be doing a huge giveaway starting next week! Make sure you follow our accounts and we’ll let you know when the giveaway is up and running.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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