Strong Girls Book Character Costumes

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One of the most exciting times for kids is Halloween… getting to dress up in crazy clothes and pretend to be someone else is magical for children and even some adults.  Ok, for me.  I love dressing up too, but this is about the kids.  Public schools aren’t able to let kids come to school in Halloween costumes anymore, so the new trend is “Come As Your Favorite Book Character Day”.  My daughter just finished struggling through trying to pick out her costume and we found that there weren’t a lot of resources for strong girls book character costumes.  Sure, she could dress up as any number of princesses, but that’s just not her.  She wanted to dress up as a strong and amazing chick.  So we’ve compiled some of the choices that we went through while narrowing it down to her final choice of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

costume1Pippi Longstockings is the ultimate awesome and fun girl!  With her sidekick monkey and the horse in her house, she can take care of anything and have fun doing it.  So much fun, in fact, that her braids defy gravity.  Who wouldn’t want that??  (Costume photo courtesy of

costume2Nobody can help Harry Potter defeat that darn Voldemort like the brainy and cool Hermione Granger, the magical maven who helped remind girls that studying and being smart is always in fashion.  Tutorial for your homemade Hermione costume available HERE.

costume3Who doesn’t want to be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy?  Kids, adults… we ALL want to be Katniss!  Strong, self sufficient, and always doing the right thing, Katniss is the epitome of ‘girl power’.  Costume breakdown courtesy of AnyTimeHealth.

costume4Ok ok ok, so she’s technically a Disney princess, but Mulan is just so cool and strong that I couldn’t keep her off of my list!  She defeated the Huns for Pete’s sake!  A tutorial for your own Asian warrior princess costume available HERE.

costume5“Madeline was not afraid of mice, she loved winter, snow, and ice.  And to the lion in the zoo, Madeline simply said “Poo poo”.”  Brave, ballsy, and hilarious, the Madeline books are like a how-to for little girls to be awesome.  Find the tutorial for this modern take on Madeline’s outfit HERE.

costume6The Paper Bag Princess was always one of my favorite books as a child, she’s a princess who doesn’t need a prince to save her from the fire breathing dragon, she can do it AND make a fashion statement when the dragon burns off her royal outfit and she has to make do with a paper bag dress.  Costume photo courtesy of Nature Creek.

costume7Alice, of Alice in Wonderland, can have tea with the White Rabbit, hang with the Cheshire Cat, and hold her own against the Queen of Hearts.  That’s pretty strong in my book!  This awesome costume photo comes from Misha Lulu.

costume8This costume is absolutely bizarre, however there’s no litarary character quite like Scout Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird, and anyone who’s read it as many times as I do just LOVES this costume inspired by Scout’s Halloween get-up when she went as ham.  Yes, ham.  Scout (and the Finch family as a whole) is a hero to anyone who believes in equality and doing the right thing, making her a phenomenal literary character for the little girl who doesn’t mind having everyone ask what in the heck she’s dressed as.  Photo courtesy of Bread Loaf.

costume9Anyone with a little girl has probably read some of the hilarious Junie B. Jones books and learned just how goofy poor Junie is.  If there’s one thing that can be said for this loony girl, it’s that she is her OWN person, which is definitely something that we all want our girls to emulate… the confidence in being exactly who they are.  This adorable Junie B. Jones costume photo comes from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.


Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz can make friends with the unlikeliest of characters, take the worlds longest walk, and save the munchkins from the Wicked Witch all while accessorizing beautifully with her shoes, making her our final, and most amazing, strong female book character.  The photo is courtesy of my adorable daughter, Lily.


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