Last minute, DIY Halloween costume idea

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Ahhhh! Halloween is just hours away! What do you do if you put off making your infant daughter’s costume?  I mean, hypothetically of course.  Well, if you find yourself in this hypothetical situation on October 29 (or any day really!), have no fear!  You don’t even have to be uber-crafty, because this absolutely adorable DIY costume is simple and only requires a couple items found at any store that carries basic craft supplies.

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Items you will need: hot glue gun, white onesie, scissors, black felt, sequins (optional), a piece of ribbon (or elastic) measured to fit your child of any age, 1-2 spools (depending on size of child) of white tulle, and an evening to whip it all up!

First, you will want to decide what you want your ghost’s face to look like. I googled a couple options before settling on my shapes for mouth and eyes. Then, cut it out of the black felt and hot glue that bad boy onto the onesie however you like it. Use a fair amount of hot glue to prevent it from coming off of the onesie so easily. Other options besides hot glue would be sewing or iron on material other than felt.  At his point you can decide if you would like to add sequins with your hot glue or not.

Next, it’s time to make the tutu!  Measure your child’s waist with a ribbon (or strand of elastic) and cut it, leaving extra slack in order to tie the tutu around her waist and make a bow! Now, to cut your tulle strips, you will need to know how long you want your tutu to be.  Measure how far you want the tutu to be from waist to desired fall point.  You will cut your tulle twice that long, plus about an inch for the loop knot. So, for example, if you want your tutu to fall 8 inches from her waist to her mid thigh, you would cut your tulle to be about 17 inches (double the length plus an inch).

Fold your strip in half as pictured below in photo 1. Then in photos 2 and 3 you will see how to loop the tulle around your ribbon or elastic.  Simply stick the ends of the folded tulle strip through the loop you have made around the ribbon. Step 4 is to pull tight!  Then repeat until you have a full tutu fit to your child’s waist measurements.

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To secure the tutu on your child, just tie a bow in the back where each end of the tutu meets OR use sewing, hot glue or safety pins to secure one end of the tutu to the other end.

VOILA! Now you have an adorable Halloween costume, handmade with love. And it only took about $15 and a couple hours to make!  Please send us your little ghoul’s picture wearing her spooktacular DIY ghost costume! HAPPY HAUNTINGS!





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