Fajitaville Corpus Christi

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(photo courtesy of Fajitaville.com)

Whether you live in Corpus or are on vacation, this place has an environment for EVERYONE. Literally.  Fajitaville Corpus Christi is a 3 story building ON THE BEACH where you can either party, eat with your entire family (rug rats included) or have a romantic formal dining atmosphere.  The main level opens up to the beach which is AWESOME. I mean, I want to come back to this place and party. They have a live DJ, huge bar, and tons of room to play on the beach. I sorta wish I was kidless when I went!


(photo courtesy of Fajitaville.com)


Being that we had my son with us, we sat on the family level. They also have a floor that is 21 and up only and is geared towards fine dining. One thing I found that was great was that they have the same menu on all floors, so basically, you just need to choose where you would be most comfortable. It was comfortable and the food was really yummy. Their menu was able to accommodate for all the tastes at the table .  They were very kid friendly and my toddler LOVED his fishy mac n cheese!


We did have about an hour and a half wait, which was really discouraging. Well, until we found out that you can either hang out on the bar level until your table is ready or play on the beach!! We chose to play on the beach! Can ya blame us?




  • Choose your atmosphere
  • There is never a wait at the bar level, and you can hang out there until your table is ready
  • Kid friendly, or not.
  • Food was AMAZING.
  • They have tons of events
  • Play at the beach while waiting, while drinking, or in between bites


  • Long wait for family and fine dining levels
  • Kinda pricey


BOTTOM LINE: I think you need to try it at least once. The food was really great. This is not only the kind of place you can go for an anniversary, a girl’s night out, a date night, or a family dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves, and lets face it, the mac and cheese was pretty stinking cute!


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