Dish Your Dirt Round 1: Biggest Lie

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Lucky you! You are witnessing the first ever Dish Your Dirt on Mom & Pop Culture. Dish Your Dirt is a series of confessions from strangers, and anything you enter is COMPLETELY anonymous. Everyone’s responses will be posted next week, along with a new question! Are you ready? This week’s question is:

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told your kid?

Sky just barely turned 2, but he’s pretty smart and hard to fool. I did, however, tell him that his medicine was “special juice.” I mean, it is. If you think dirt-covered artificial cherries that burn your tongue is special. Can’t blame him for not liking the taste of feet.

Now it’s your turn! (Don’t be afraid, it’s completely anonymous. No names, no e-mails, just real answers. You’ll feel better, too!) We’d like to know:

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